“10 ‘Icks’ Dating Apps Most People Can Agree On” and more to read from October 12, 2022

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10 Dating App “Icks” Most People Can Get Along On

For all those who are not initiated and/or who have not watched the island of love, an ick is such a devastating deviation that there really is no turning back. What attraction was there at the start? Smothered faster than you can say “Luca Bish is interpretation of musical high school‘s ‘Breaking Free.’ “And as we all know, it’s hard enough to get into first-date territory, so make sure (and more importantly, your male friends) that dating app bios are devoid of the one of those infallible factors Read more

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How Halloween Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Unfortunately for everyone Tuesday morning, October 31st falls on a Monday this year (can I have a “booooooo” please), but the weekend before the party night will be filled with planetary action. Here’s exactly what the cosmic moves will mean for your spooky season’s conclusion. Read more

I tried the “spicy” lip plumper that TikTok loves and OMG I will never go back

Filler who? With so many lip plumpers on the market that don’t seem to do much, our beauty editor was thrilled to find that Scrandie Beauty’s famous TikTok lip gloss Actually does what it claims. EuphoriaChloe Cherry, aka the reigning queen of sultry pout, is a stan, so what else do you need to know? Read more

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Trying to sell your Peloton bike? Good luck

In what is absolutely a victory for the Peloton woman (and bargain hunters everywhere), pandemic status shopping has fallen on hard times. While fitness bikes sold new for around $2,000, the resale market became oversaturated, with some listings on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace costing 50% or less of their original price. So what made everyone simultaneously sour on the spin class replacement that represented the workout of the day for the past two years? Read More

24 hours with @NanaJoe19, Lizzo’s favorite TikTok chef

Home cook Alejandra Tapia, known to her 6.4 million followers for her traditional Mexican dishes, has turned what her family calls culinary “experiments” into a full-time job as a food content creator, having even the possibility of cooking a vegan meal for Lizzo Last year. But the life of a recipe developer isn’t always peachy — here’s a behind-the-scenes look at TikTok sausage-making. Read more


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