10 Star Wars Characters We Want As Roommates

The perfect roommate is the often elusive goal of anyone facing a shared living situation. The Platonic ideal of roommates is full of contradictions. They should be neat, but not tedious; reliable, but not boring; communicative, but not overwhelming. It can be difficult to predict how two people will react when they are glued to each other.

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Star warsits greatest strength has always been the variety of characters that populate its vast universe. There, life exists in many forms, from quadrupedal beasts with human intelligence to entirely inorganic droids. Some star wars the characters, while not the easiest to live with, would at least make interesting housemates.

10/10 Yoda is a wise man in a small package

Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

There can be obvious downsides to living with yoda, like having to carry it everywhere in a backpack. But this former green Jedi Master would make a great roommate, provided you get past his eccentricities.

Yoda doesn’t take up much space. During combat, he might like to go back to big rooms, but by the time he retired, Yoda is largely stationary and only two feet tall, so space wouldn’t be an issue. Combine that with his tendency to leave pears of deep wisdom in fun and absurd ramblings with his largely unknown past to ask questions aboutand he makes an excellent roommate candidate.

9/10 Finn has his friends back

Finn charges the siege cannon in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There are roommates who just don’t support each other. They may be friendly, with no real issues, but they just aren’t there in terms of trust. There are times when, for one reason or another, someone needs a friend to cover for them, whether it’s as small as a favor or even getting into a fight at any moment.

Finn didn’t have a good childhood. After his training as a First Order Stormtrooper and his subsequent escape, Finn seemed to be most excited about two things: being a hero and making friends. He would be perfect in a pressure situation, although he could be distracted by Rey in the meantime.

8/10 C3PO just wants to help

C-3PO in A New Hope

While many characters are hated for small reasons, few have it worse than the galaxy’s most famous protocol droid, C3P0. It is generally judged harshly, although viewers may only be so harsh on it due to the circumstances in which it is shown during the star wars movies.

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C3PO is rarely shown in situations where he would thrive, and on the rare occasions he is found, such as dealing with the Ewoks, the droid is key to the heroes’ success. C3PO just wants to help, so as long as he stays busy he will thrive and be an essential addition to any home.

7/10 Han Solo May Look Too Cool But He Has Feelings Too

Han Solo sitting at Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

When Han first enters the scene in A new hope, the smuggler looks like a simple mercenary, ready to do any job as long as he pays. He redeems himself slightly at the end of the film by supporting Luke’s assault on the Death Star, but he doesn’t. until after Han really shines.

In The Empire Strikes Back Han shows a much more emotional and dedicated side, especially in his romance with Leia. It’s not the same smuggler on Tatooine who’s just looking for a payday. He became a loyal and emotionally present friend.

6/10 Rey can fix anything

Rey Skywalker in the desert in In Star Wars

There are roommates who, despite some questionable qualities, are tolerated because of their relational qualities. They may be messy, or their personalities may need a little work, but these people more than make up for it in installed appliances, stationary electronics, and assembled furniture.

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Rey may not have had the easiest upbringing, but she becomes a skilled mechanic and a loyal friend. She is shown to quickly identify and repair problems with classic starships, which she is also able to pilot quite well. Rey is independent enough not to be entirely dependent on people, but still values ​​her relationships very much.

5/10 R2D2 is a perfect companion

R2D2 on the Death Star in Star Wars A New Hope

R2-D2 is the more famous of the two main droids for a reason. For viewers, R2’s speech, like many droids, is incomprehensible, but he still manages to bring humor into dire situations with his beeps and boops.

R2 has many skills, from interfacing and controlling extremely complex computer systems to performing complicated in-flight repairs on starfighters. R2 is happy to work in the background, leaving all the glory to his fellow humans, and just seems to generously enjoy being around his friends. Combine that with the many tools and gadgets hidden within his mechanics, and he makes an excellent sidekick.

4/10 Vice Admiral Holdo is ready to be the bad guy

Admiral Holdo Mans The Deck in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Sometimes roommates can be too close. Conflicts are never completely resolved out of politeness and problems pile up until friendship crumbles under the weight of a thousand unspoken fights.

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Vice Admiral Holdo of the Galactic Resistance fleet does not play these games. She likes to take matters into her own hands and make tough decisions to succeed. Even in impossible circumstances, she keeps a cool head, perhaps thanks to her vast experience in espionage. Holdo is willing to be the villain, even if it doesn’t earn her any popularity contests. Although she sometimes has her own problems with communications and the chain of command, she is basically reliable.

3/10 Everyone needs Chewbacca after a hard day

Chewbacca with his Bowcaster

chewbacca is more loyal than any roommate I’ve met on Craigslist. His race of Wookies, giant tree-furred aliens, are known for taking life debts seriously like the one between Chewie and Han, who is the pulse of their iconic friendship.

Chewbacca’s strongest contribution as a housemate, however, would have to be his fur. The Covid lockdown has led to many people adopting pets, looking for fluffy companionship. Chewbacca is fluffier than any dog ​​on Earth, can walk around, use the bathroom, and is more than capable of paying a share of the rent. He is a giant smart dog who is eternally loyal.

2/10 Poe Dameron brings out the best in people

Star Wars The Last Jedi Poe Dameron makes a plan

While some housemates’ strengths are their laid-back attitudes, Poe DameronThe strength of is exactly the opposite. Poe is the kind of guy who would see his roommate depressed and decide to do something about it. He would force his friend to run, then do something he likes followed by a night out.

Poe’s enthusiasm can be overwhelming at times, but he’s a good guy who just wants the best for his friends, even when they’re holding themselves back. It’s positive, courageous and funny, not to mention it’s filled with stories of both his days of smuggling and resistance.

1/10 Leia pays the rent and keeps the cops out

Princess Leia and the Stormtroopers in Star Wars A New Hope

At the superficial level, LeiaBeing Princess of Aldreaan and a member of the Galactic Senate boded well in terms of payout. There’s no way she’s running out of funds, so getting her to pay half the bills would never be a problem.

Princess Leia’s greatest strength, explicitly lying to the servants of oppression, would also work well in a modern context. She has extensive experience fooling high-level officials in the Galactic Empire, so getting the cops to stay out of a party even if there was a noise complaint would be a piece of cake.

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