10 tips for making extra money for Christmas this year

Is there anything better than vacation? Food, family and gifts. What more could you want? Tap or click here for creative ways to include your pet in this year’s greeting cards.

As with everything in life, these things all come at a cost. That’s why we’re here to share ways to make this holiday season one your family and friends will never forget.

Can you make more money for Christmas this year? Absolutely. Here’s how. This trick is brought to you by our sponsor, LinkedIn.

1. Sell things you don’t use

Old smartphones, appliances, and other electronics are probably in your house. Why not capitalize by selling them online? Toys, games, books and clothing can all be sold, in some cases for attractive fees.

Decluttr is an app we love for selling old junk online, but you can use anything from Facebook Marketplace to Craigslist. Tap or click here for apps and sites better than Craigslist.

2. Find odd jobs

Craigslist is a treasure trove of quick and easy work. You can find recurring gigs, just like on any other site that specializes in side gigs and temporary hustles.

If you have skills, you might as well put them to use, especially if you need more money for the holidays. Simple jobs like landscaping coexist with more advanced jobs like data entry and babysitting. Assess it and see what you can land.

3. Drive part-time for Uber or Lyft

This is truly a millennial movement. Share your ride with others and you can earn a decent amount of vacation money on the side.

The same goes for food and grocery delivery. A courier’s schedule is flexible, so you can activate the app whenever you have free time. Why not? It’s simple and all you need is a smartphone, a car and a bank account.

4. Charge the scooters

Those who live in a big city can earn passive income by finding abandoned Bird scooters and charging them at home or using licensed public amenities.

Signing up is often as simple as filling out a quick form on the company’s website. Bird and Lime are two big players in this industry, but other brands may offer similar compensation.

5. Use cashback and coupon apps

Services like Honey and Ibotta won’t put more money in your pocket, but they can help you save when shopping for essentials in-store and online.

Any membership that saves you money on things you need should be used to the fullest. Your local grocery store probably offers a bonus club and digital coupons. Find out inside and start saving today.

6. Take Online Surveys

Consumer surveys usually offer nominal rewards for each successful submission. Sometimes the donation will be in cash. Other times you might get something like an Amazon gift card.

Mystery shopping, product testing, and medical research groups fall into this category. These activities take little time and the extra money will start to accumulate.

7. Buy at the right time

Sometimes you might be able to save on Christmas gifts just by buying them when the prices are lowest. Big sales and promotions come and go, so take your pick when you can.

Black Friday is obvious, but waiting longer may be better in some cases. Do some research and remember when you see a price drop. Then plan next year’s purchases accordingly.

8. Walk the dogs

If the seasonal climate in your area permits, walking your dog is a fun and relaxing way to earn money. Pet-sitting also works. and Stir! are reputable and usually full of needy pet owners in urban or suburban areas. If you love animals, this is one of the best ways to earn money for the holidays.

9. Save all year round for the holidays

Saving a little at a time is a much more reasonable goal than earning a large sum of money at the end of the year.

Use things like envelope systems, savings goals, and financial apps to track how much you can store each week. You can save a lot if you start in January. The drips in the bucket can build up over time.

10. Sell Blood

And, when you’re really out of viable options, there’s always one last option: selling your blood. Everything for the family, right?

We’re kidding, but selling plasma is one of the fastest ways to get some extra holiday cash with zero effort. Plus, you’ll be helping someone on the other side. How’s that for a little Christmas cheer?

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