5 Best Wood Stoves to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy This Winter

Part of the charm of a wood-burning stove is the nostalgia for the past, the straightforwardness of using natural fuel to ward off winter chill, and the hypnotic effect of glowing tongues of fire. But progress waits for no one, and modern forces are disrupting the stove industry.

MF Fire was formed when a team from the University of Maryland entered a competition to design innovative low-emission stoves in 2013. They were the only college team to enter, beating industry veterans to place first in emissions and fourth in efficiency, notes Popular mechanics. This was followed a year later by multiple awards at the RECESS Pitch competition and the MIT Clean Energy Prize (via University of Maryland). Most recently, the team won $2 million in grants from the Department of Energy to further improve efficiency, safety and emissions, according to Technically.

The MF Fire Nova 2 is the new flagship model. It heats homes up to 2,500 square feet, with a peak efficiency of 81%, and has an impressive maximum heat output for a stove of its size. While the Regency F1500 (featured above) is a top unit that can produce 55,000 BTU/hr, the Nova 2, which is actually smaller, produces up to 75,000 BTU/hr. Instead of paying extra for fancy features, investing in true technical innovation like this will keep your home cozier and your wallet heavier.

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