5 Ways to Get the Timeless Modern Heirloom Look in Your Home

While bold wallpaper, historic paint colors and charming vintage decor are worthwhile for any modern heritage revamp, the way these elements interact with each other and the more contemporary rooms in your home will help create the tension necessary for a truly unforgettable effect. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean that your paint, wallpaper, and artwork all have to compete to be the focal point of a room. Instead, the majority of elements should complement each other to create stylistic flow.

For example, while some experts recommend hanging artwork in your home that matches the colors and mood of a particular room (eg. Furnish), embracing bold, modern art and decidedly non-Western pieces make all the sense in the world for this design aesthetic. Likewise, you are encouraged to play with textures, patterns, and colors as you see fit. This will allow the different elements of the traditional design to create tension, both with each other and with your more contemporary furnishings.

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