A room to rent with a private patio for $580 in Vancouver’s West End? Yes but it’s very small

Most would expect the rent for a private room with a private patio in Vancouver’s West End to be at least a bit expensive.

In this case, the den, in a two bedroom apartmentis $580 per month.

Although the price may be attractive, the space may not be for everyone. A Craigslist ad for the bedroom shows a small room with just enough space for a single bed, a small table, and a few small shelves. The small room, however, has a special feature.

“1 boudoir for rent furnished with bed and desk”, specifies the announcement. “Private room with door and walls and private balcony!”

To be clear, the particularity we are referring to is the balcony, not the door and the walls.

The south-facing terrace is an unusual feature for budget housing in Vancouver, although it’s not the most spectacular terrace in town. The view you get is one floor above Eihu Lane, an alley just off Denman Street.

Another unusual feature of the bedroom is its location within the apartment; in the pictures it looks like you would have to walk through the kitchen to get to the den.

While sleeping space may be small in the shared unit, some will find the location ideal, with a nearby Safeway and Denman Street amenities.

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