At $19,500, Is This 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer A Bargain?

Good Price or No Dice 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer

Chevy recently announced that its next Blazer will be an EV crossover, a far cry from today’s Good price or no dice K5 4X4 edition. Let’s see if this old-school SUV has a price tag for still bringing the heat.

According to the announcement, yesterday 1970 Volkswagen Squareback 4X4 (yes, that’s one thing) only needed a carburetor to be a pilot. Looking at the ad photos, this statement certainly stretched credibility as the heavily modified car seemed to need a lot more to be roadworthy. Most of you thought the car’s $5,000 price tag also tugged at the credulity cap. This was evidenced by the massive 95% no-dice loss the Vee-Dub suffered.

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Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Listen, I understand. The holidays are upon us and it will soon be a brand new year. Who has time to embark on another project? Fortunately, today 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer appears to be a turnkey truck, with only minor work needed to spruce it up and make those annoying neighbors jealous.

Chevy introduced the K5 Blazer for the 1969 model year, entering a booming market already occupied by the Jeep CJ, the International Harvester’s Scout, and major competitor Ford’s Bronco. Being based on the K10 pickup, the Blazer was not only roomier and more capable than any of these rivals, it was also more economical to build. Ford’s bean counters easily caught on, and the company transitioned the Bronco from a standalone model to an F-series derivative with its second generation.

Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Speaking of second people, that’s exactly what this K5 stands for. The first generation Blazer lasted only four model years before being refreshed as part of the K10 redesign in 1973. The second generation Blazer would then run for the next 18 years with only minor modifications.

This one comes from the end of that race when full-size SUVs were losing the popularity battle to smaller, mid-size trucks. In Chevy’s case, it was the S-10-based Blazer that topped it by a good margin. The K5 Blazer would eventually be supplanted by the Tahoe, and that model would eventually lose the two-door body style entirely.

These have a lot to love, though, with decent overall roominess and a removable cap on the back that the Blazer’s smaller namesake has never offered.

Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Here, that top is painted white to match the main color of the rest of the bodywork. This is complemented by a red insert that wraps all the way around the rear. There are a few visible chips in the paint and the rubbing strip is missing on the doors, but otherwise everything appears to be in good condition. Plus, there’s a hood ornament! Remember these?

Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

The spare tire lives in the cargo area to deter theft and keep the K5’s loot looking clean. The tailgate lowers like that of a pickup, but the rear window has to be retracted first, so it’s a bit of a two-step process. When opened, it provides access to a large, flat cargo area that looks clean, but has some discoloration in the carpet. Another issue is some headliner sag on the front of the cabin. On the plus side, the seats appear to be in excellent shape, as is the rest of the interior, except for a few cracks in the dashboard soft cap.

This Blazer was fitted with Silverado trim, so it has niceties like cruise control, power windows and air conditioning, as well as full carpeting.

Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Power comes from a throttle-body injected 350 CID V8 that this model year gave it up to 210 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Behind that is a 700R4 automatic which, according to the current owner, has been “rebuilt by an excellent family workshop with a performance shift kit”. The combo sends the ponies through a two-speed transfer case to the front and rear axles. According to the ad, the truck has had proper maintenance over its 155,000 lifespan and is running smoothly. The only issue noted is a somewhat cryptic note of some work needed on the air conditioning.

The title is clean and the ad claims the truck is wearing near-new Michelins and is overall in “great condition for an 88.”

Photo: Craigslist

Photo: Craigslist

Now, what can you expect to pay for such a clean truck? The seller is asking for $19,500 in exchange for the title. Putting that into context, that price is about $300 less than the starting point for a Kia Soul, the cheapest car from this company and one of the cheapest new cars on the market. That’s certainly far less than Chevy will charge for the new Blazer EV.

What do you say, does that seem like a deal for what is probably one of the best REAL Blazers on the market? Or, is that price just not lighting your fire?

You decide!

Raleigh, North Carolina, craigslistwhere to go here if the ad disappears.

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