Baltimore County Police provide safe areas for social media transactions

BALTIMORE COUNTY – If you’re buying or selling something online through social media sites, the process can be simple, but meeting a stranger for the trade can be a little scary.

Baltimore County Police have created safe places for this.

You may feel like someone is watching you, but this time it will be for a good reason.

They’re called transaction safe zones, places that Baltimore County police have designated to provide a safe exchange for those buying or selling something online.

“Basically all through my childhood when we talked about things like Craigslist or like Facebook Marketplace, my parents would say it’s not safe or something bad could happen because you don’t really know with whom. you meet,” Stephen said. Lawyer, who is wary of online purchases.

Buying or selling something on a website can be a bit stressful, choosing a location, meeting someone you don’t know and making the trade.

That’s why Baltimore County Police is providing locations to ease this concern with safe areas for transactions.

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“The police department has recognized that people need a safe place to do these internet transactions and it’s so much safer than taking someone to your house or even to a mall parking lot because you don’t know exactly what’s out there,” Baltimore County Police Public Information Officer Gladys Brown said.

Agents won’t interfere with the sale, they’ll just provide a comfortable setting where people can just drive in, make the trade, and leave.

For some, using this space will provide peace of mind, especially with holiday shopping around the corner, many will shop for gifts on websites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

“It’s really convenient for everyone, family members and anything else you need for your safety. In the past, I know there were a lot of issues with people, you know, like doing shopping online, especially getting products from people you can’t really trust,” said Stephen Chance, an online shopper.

Some say they keep it simple and just have items shipped to their doorstep.

“I’m too old to do all the nonsense, I couldn’t do it. I have them delivered to my house, because of our age, we’re at home, retired,” said Joanne Calvert, a shopper on line.

For those who trust the Dating Exchange, there are 12 Safe Zones located at 10 police precincts, Baltimore County Police Headquarters, and Randallstown Substation.


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