Bay Area bowling restaurant with Michelin credit shutters

Known for its stellar Mexican dishes, a restaurant that was connected to the Napa Bowling Center and recognized by Michelin has closed its doors for good.

Lane 33 cafe closed on October 15 after two and a half years at 494 Soscol Ave. in Napa. Chef-owner Alex Soto shared the news on his personal account instagram account, where he said he “won’t be cooking or moving from now on.”

Soto told the San Francisco Chronicle that the decline in sales, associated with costly renovations, has reached its climax in recent months. According to the Chronicle, the Napa Fire Department discovered that the range hood at Lane 33 was not up to code; later, the building owner also shut down the pipeline to “avoid any potential fines”. (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of each other.)

“It was impossible to go through the whole menu and specials,” Soto told the Chronicle, adding that he used a griddle and an electric fryer to fulfill the orders.

Despite his Instagram post saying he won’t be cooking anymore, Soto told the Chronicle that he would consider opening a restaurant down the line again.

Lane 33 Cafe, located at 494 Soscol Ave. in Napa, has closed. The restaurant nestled in a bowling alley had been recognized by the Point de Vue of the Michelin Guide for its Mexican dishes.

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Last year, Route 33 has been listed in the Michelin Guide point of view for its range of Mexican dishes, which were only served Wednesday through Sunday. While the restaurant’s menu featured hot dogs, burgers, and other classic dishes, the Michelin Guide touted tacos the most. Soto’s tacos were made with hand-made corn tortillas and topped with options like pastor or cochinita pibil, as well as less common offerings like the elusive pollo con pipian – a dish you don’t not commonly found in Bay Area restaurants.

Prior to opening route 33, Soto had previously worked at the star-studded restaurant Meadowood in Saint Helena. He also started a food truck named Pico Modern Taqueria with two friends, but it has since closed.

SFGATE asked for comment, but did not receive a response per post.

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