Berkley Craigslist Posts Might Be Empty Boxes, But Could Be Daemons

A recent Berkley posting on the SouthCoast Craigslist site makes me wonder if whoever picks up these free boxes knows what kind of luck they’re taking.

There’s not much to do the actual list. The title is “FREE (Berkley)” and the description is “Free”. That’s it.

via Craigslist

via Craigslist

These three boxes look quite innocent. One is a “log cabin bank” which appears to be a souvenir from a national park, although I can’t quite make out which one from the photo. It’s just a little wooden log cabin with a slot to drop coins and folded bills to save for something cool – maybe your own life-size log cabin.

The other two boxes seem to be made for keepsakes, something you might keep jewelry or important papers or other bric-a-brac in.

It is also something that could imprison a negative mind.


Have you ever heard of the Dybbuk Box? It’s a story that began nearly 20 years ago, when a man named Kevin Mannis posted on eBay a wooden box he received from a Polish Holocaust survivor who claimed that the box contained the spirit of a dybbuk, a spirit from Jewish mythology that seeks to possess a human host. Mannis claimed the box brought him nightmares and bad luck, and thus the legend of the Dybbuk Box was born.

Eventually, the box ended up in the haunted objects museum belonging to Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans. Music superstar Post Malone has openly discussed a series of bad luck he endured after encountering the box, and Bagans later opened it – presumably releasing the spirit contained within – into four parts Ghost Adventures special in 2020. He claimed to have seen eyes manifesting from a mist that was released from the box, and that he saw the entity that had been contained inside crouched in the corner of the room right after his release.

However, in 2021, Mannis admitted that he had made up the whole story, and that the box was just something he had found at a garage sale. Of course, that didn’t stop the concept of a “dybbuk box” from becoming an urban legend.

So while there probably isn’t any type of demon or evil ghost contained within these boxes, there’s no guarantee that there isn’t either.

As of this writing, the Craigslist post is 10 days old. Chances are someone has already claimed these three boxes. This means that it is also possible that they have already let some kind of negative spirit slip into their house.

If you claimed those free boxes and now all your lights go on and off, if the doors slam on their own, if someone in your family is now possessed, let me know and I’ll find you an exorcist or a demonologist.

Or, you know, you just have some really neat old boxes to put things in. It’s cool too.

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