Best Places to Find Non-Amazon Tech Deals

Amazon prices have increased recently. We are not just talking about inflation. Tap or click here to find out why and some ways to save money.

If you buy the same products from different retailers, you can sometimes find better deals and save a few dollars. It’s true. Amazon isn’t always the most affordable option, especially on tech items.

Keep reading for sites that help you save on tech and some money-saving tips.

Sites to buy technology cheaply

Let’s go through a quick lighting tour of where you can find better tech deals. Next, we’ll move on to money-saving tips.

  • eBay – Love it or hate it, eBay has great prices.
  • Overstock – Tech is rarer here, but home electronics can be found for less.
  • new egg – Need PC parts or small electronic devices? Save money here.
  • AliExpress – You have to be careful with who offers you take, but there is money to be saved.
  • walmart – They are constantly in competition with Amazon; you can reap the rewards.
  • Target – When browsing home department deals, you can find cheap home electronics.
  • Rakuten – Get alerted when offers appear and save money with special promotions.

Tips for saving on technology

We all want the best technology. But let’s slow down for a second. Should it be new? Most of the time the answer is no. You can find many used electronic devices that work perfectly fine. Here are some smart ways to save on technology.

Buy from second-hand marketplaces like eBay. Users usually need money fast and sell items at lower prices. Sign up to receive notifications from Facebook Marketplace about technology sales in your area. Consider Craigslist for a quick deal on tech and electronics.

Use tools like let’s group for deals on small electronics, batteries and appliances. Buy directly from manufacturers’ websites. Prices may only fluctuate by a few percentage points, but it saves money anyway.

Sign up for brand newsletters

In a perfect world, every brand or manufacturer would be able to sell 100% direct to consumer. This way they don’t pay fees or market prices for sites like Amazon.

Businesses can sell directly to consumers with email newsletters, which don’t rely on a platform with algorithms. It’s straight for you.

You can often find free coupon codes as a thank you for signing up for a newsletter while accessing subscriber-only offers that aren’t publicly available.

Last-Minute Advice: Beware of Guarantees and Installation Prices

Amazon is an Asurion partner. It’s a warranty company that you may have seen when trying to add something to your Amazon cart. These warranties don’t cover much, so they’re not always worth the price.

Some technologies will come with optional (and somewhat expensive) installation. Consider configuring the item yourself to save money.

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