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Amazon launched Black Friday sales for both the peloton bike & Platoon guide (the links to Amazon in this article are affiliate links) – however, you should not buy them from Amazon, but rather buy directly from Peloton for a better discount.

Amazon did the Peloton bike available for $1,145while the Peloton Guide is $245 on Amazon for Black Friday. Both of these offers are cheaper than they were during this Fall Early Access Prime Salewhile the bike was $1,225 and the Peloton guide $250.

Peloton Bike reduced to $1,145 on Amazon for Black Friday 2022.

As we mentioned above – this isn’t currently the best deal available for Peloton gear on Black Friday – for that you’ll want to buy direct from Peloton.

Peloton announces its sale as save on accessory sets when you buy a Peloton bike, guide, tread or rower. If you look only at the base device’s offer – you’ll see it listed at the standard list price with no discount – for hundreds of dollars more than on Amazon. However, package deals are so discounted on Peloton currently that buying the bike or guide with accessories brings the cost down below what it costs to just buy the device.

On the Peloton website, you can find the original Peloton Bike Premiere package for just $1,145. (Again, for unexplained reasons, only the bike itself is listed at $1,445). That means you’ll get the bike, cycling shoes, bike mat, workout mat, water bottle and lightweights for $1,145 – which is the same price as the bike itself. on Amazon, just with lots of extra accessories. If you don’t need the accessories, you can try selling them on Ebay, Craigslist, or other marketplaces to get some more of that money back.

Peloton Bike Black Friday deals from Peloton.
Peloton Bike Black Friday deals from Peloton.

The Guiding Platoon is in a similar situation. While the basic guide is only $295 on Peloton – you can get the Peloton Guide Strength Starter set for $245 at Peloton’s website – which is the same price as the Guide on Amazon. You’ll also get a workout mat and up to 3 sets of dumbbells (which can cost over $100 for each set if purchased individually).

Peloton Guide Peloton Black Friday deals.
Peloton Guide Peloton Black Friday deals.

So while it looks like Amazon has the best deal just on the Bike or Peloton guide itself – the best deal right now is to pick up the package via Peloton – which costs the same, but comes with a bunch of gifts.

Have you received any Peloton-related Black Friday items?

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