Bogus Listing Wins Boise’s Best Craigslist Award

Today is the day a Boise Craigslist user from Meridian stole our hearts.

It’s actually something the anonymous local did in 2008 that captured our admiration, but we’ve only just found out. You see, our persistent program and pursuit of intriguing Gem State wins, recognitions and national rankings is leading us down some pretty wild rabbit holes. Lo and behold, today’s rabbit hole did not disappoint.


Much to our intrigue, we learned that Craigslist holds the highest rankings state by state. Much like a popular Craigslist pick, these rankings reflect the top listings and posts in each respective state. That’s when it happened. We discovered a Boise Craigslist Best-of ranking that made us happier than a month of traffic with no construction in Treasure Valley. Its remarkableness has everything to do with the fact that the Meridian user list is 100% fake and satirical.


Composed by a writer with the heart of an intelligent a** and someone we’d probably be friends with, the fake selling list that became legendary holds its best title 14 years later.

Without further ado, we present to you the fake Boise Craigslist article that won the Boise Craigslist Best-of 2008 award.


Precise V5 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen

Direct quote Originally published: 12/18/2008

“Hello and thank you for viewing my ad. For sale is a Pilot Precise V5 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen which offers a single micro precision point for a crisp, clean line. Large supply of economical ink. Clear ink tank window. Fine tip writes 0.5mm lines; the extra-fine tip writes 0.3mm lines. The width of the line varies with the degree of pressure.

This pen was purchased from Walmart no less than a month ago and writes like new. The pen originally came in a pack of two but its mate has been put in my washer and dryer resulting in ink all over my clothes so I am getting rid of this pen as I consider it bad luck. Plus, with the way our economy is going with the recession, 50¢ can buy me 3 packs of Ramen noodles.

This pen has been awarded the number 1 rollerball pen made in the USA and below are the technical specifications for this pen….

• Barrel: plastic with visible ink supply
• Ink Color – Black
• Pocket Clip – Yes
• Dot/Line Size – Extra Fine
• Type – Rolling Ball

I really hate getting rid of this pen, we shared a lot of memories together like writing in my diary, balancing my checkbook and even writing on my roommate’s face when he was sleeping.

Potential buyer is welcome to come and experience this pen “first hand”, then you can decide whether it is right for you or not.

I will only sell this pen locally. I don’t care if your brother who’s on a business trip to Africa really needs a Precise V5, if he wants it that badly he’ll get on a plane and fly to Boise, Idaho to pick it up . So please, I’m not interested in your checks. I will only accept parts in hand!

Oh and one last thing, please don’t email me asking if the pen is still available, if you read this post… I still have it. Also, please don’t try to put me down. I know how much that pen is worth.

• Local sales only • Delivery available depending on location • Price is 50¢ FIRM”

That’s it, people. Idaho’s claim to Craigslist fame is one we can all defend.

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