Decorate your home like Sabrina Spellman’s bedroom from Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina’s bedroom windows had stained glass details. The stained glass windows are beautiful and unique, but be careful not to clash them with other designs. According Cumberland Stained Glass, you should let the stained glass windows be the focal point of the room, keeping the furniture and decor neutral. Unless you have a maximalist aesthetic like Sabrina, you can make stained windows more modern by pairing them with beiges, creams, whites, and blacks. This may mean painting the window moldings white, having cream-colored walls and beige or soft-toned furniture.

On the other hand, if you want to go in the opposite direction and showcase the unique window treatment, pull the colors from the glass design. If primary colors like red, yellow and blue are predominant, decorate with area rugs of the same color. If the windows have floral designs, put floral wallpaper around them. If you don’t have the resources to change a window, you can use stained glass decor instead (via Revival by Andersen). For example, you can set up a stained glass room divider or hang reclaimed windows on the wall as framed artwork.

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