Des Plaines man accused of using Craigslist to sexually assault women

A suburban man is accused of using Craigslist to find a roommate, but what he allegedly did next prompted a police warning.

The Cook County The sheriff says these attacks on the women appear to be planned and premeditated. Now the police fear that there are other victims.

The suspect of Plains is now behind bars – Farhad Tanzif, 67. He faces four Class X felonies – all felony sexual assaults.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says Tanzif is accused of posting an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate and at least three times a woman responded, moved in and Tanzif then allegedly assaulted.


The most recent incidents occurred at a home located at 9600 West Golf Road in Des Plaines.

In 2015, Tanzif was arrested by Des Plaines police and charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and unlawful restraint for an incident at a resort at 1000 South River Road. Tanzif was convicted only of the charge of unlawful restraint and sentenced to three years.

The sheriff is concerned that since it is the exact same crime three times, there may be more victims or near-victims.

“For those who might have been victimized, who are afraid to come forward, because they just want to put him behind them… he’s in custody now and I think we have a very, very, very strong case. And so I believe he’ll be in custody for a long time,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.

The sheriff says if you are a victim and you feel comfortable, they would like to talk to you.

Tanziff, if convicted, faces six to 30 years behind bars. He is being held on $350,000 bail at the Cook County Jail.


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