District attorney asks judge to revoke former massage therapist’s bond after Atlanta woman claims

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – The Davidson County District Attorney’s Office is asking a judge to revoke the bond of former massage therapist Tarek Mentouri following an Atlanta woman’s claim that he stalked her.

A series of WSMV4 investigations revealed that several women in the Midstate had accused him of touching each other sexually during massages or job interviews, but he was not arrested or had his license revoked until what WSMV4 reveals the charges.

Mentouri was allowed to move to Atlanta to care for his ailing mother while awaiting trial.

One of the conditions of his bail was that he could not use Facebook.

The last claim is now the third Atlanta woman to complain about Mentouri’s actions, both saying he offered to massage them.

In Nashville the judge ruled earlier this year that Mentouri was not violating the link if he offered free massages.

In the new filing from the DA’s office, the third Atlanta woman, who we are not identifying because she considers herself a victim of harassment, testified in court that she gave Mentouri her number even though she didn’t want it because “she’s too nice”. to be mean.”

That’s when she says she found her “Only Fans” account in which the sleeve is called “The Virgin R8pist”.

The woman told the court: “It obviously makes my heart sink and I wonder who this man is?”

According to the prosecutor’s filing, the woman said she tried to ghost him, but he found her on Facebook and Facebook messaged her.

She testified that Mentouri then texted herself and her mother, even though she never gave him her mother’s number.

She also told the court that he emailed them as well.

According to the court transcript, she then found out about all the charges he faces in Nashville and applied for an order of protection, which was granted.

During the protective order hearing, Mentouri said he was “not aiming at them” and “just wanted to apologize” for upsetting his mother.

During the hearing, Mentouri admitted that “I sent a message,” but it’s unclear from the transcript if he was referring to the fact that the message came through Facebook.

It will now be up to a judge to decide if that is enough to revoke his bail.

WSMV4 Investigates will let you know when a date is set to hear the motion.

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