Dude, where’s my motorhome (FREE); It’s in Wendell ID out of the box

There’s an exciting list that just went live on the Southern Idaho (Twin Falls) Craigslist website just in time for the driving holiday season. A guy named Tim just listed an outdated RV that was left on his property for the very reasonable price of $0.00.

Road trips for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays will take place across the United States in large numbers over the next six to seven weeks. For anyone on a tight budget with electrical and automotive knowledge, there is a Motorhome FREE just waiting to be towed from a property just over the Perrine Bridge from Twin Falls.

The list has grown Wednesday morning (November 16), and is probably still available. Simply click the reply link in the upper left corner of the message to contact the owner Tim. The exterior of the motorhome has noticeable wear, but structurally the motorhome appears to be in good condition. It may require some electrical work to be road ready, but it’s FREE, and that’s okay “It’s so beautiful in the aisle.” (-Clark Griswold)

Wendell is just 23 miles northwest of Twin Falls, and to haul this beautiful home, you’ll need to be savvy enough to strap it to the bed of your truck. It’s not every day that you’ll find one on a first-come, first-served basis with no charge.

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