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The race to replace the U.S. Representative Jacques Langevin in Rhode Island’s 2nd congressional district got a lot of national attention, but now one of the greatest political minds in America says the showdown between Republicans Allan Fong and Democratic State Treasurer Seth Magazine is the competition he will be watching closely on Tuesday evening.

During a recording of the popular “Hacks on tap“podcast tuesday, David Axelrod, one of the main architects of the rise of the former president barack obama, said Rhode Island could be a “canary in the coal mine,” giving an early indication of how well Republicans have performed in home races across the country.

Axelrod, who is also a CNN contributor and outgoing director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, said the 2nd District is traditionally an “extremely Democratic district,” but noted that Fung was ahead of Magaziner. in two polls last month.

“If the Republicans win this seat, that’s a bad sign for the Democrats for the rest of the night,” Axelrod said near the end of the show.

That’s a pretty obvious statement to those who follow politics closely, but it shows that even some of the most wired domestic political watchers are going to be paying close attention to Rhode Island on Tuesday.

While the two Globe University/Suffolk and WPRI/Roger Williams University early October polls showed Fung with the lead, we’re mostly flying blind in terms of the polls as we go down in this race. Democrats say race is effectively tied, while Fung’s allies are already searching Craigslist for apartments in Washington, D.C.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 56,000 Rhode Islanders had already voted (between mail-in votes and early voting), and so far Warwick (4,671) and Cranston (3,875) are ahead of Providence in turnout. The capital does not have a competitive mayoral race in the general election, but Magaziner is going to want to increase the score in the parts of the city that are in the 2nd arrondissement.

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