Ex-‘King of Craigslist’ back in jail facing 6 new crimes

The self-proclaimed “King of Craigslist” is behind bars again. Denny DiCapo specializes in placing ads that attract investors. He’s been in the Hall of Shame before, but now Rob Wolchek has the latest.

DiCapo stayed out of trouble for a few years, but now Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is charging him with multiple crimes, including racketeering.

There’s a new mugshot for a Hall of Shamer that seems to be pulling the same old scams. DiCapo is locked up in Oakland County Jail and faces six new felony charges, one of which carries a 20-year prison sentence.

Wolchek: “Hi Denny, Rob Wolchek from FOX 2, can I talk to you for a minute?”

DiCapo: “Yeah, do you know me?”

Rob would get to know Denny because he ended up making a lot of fuss about him.

In the summer of 2014, Denny DiCapo was the alleged middleman in a scheme to lure businessmen to a guy who was eventually sentenced to federal prison for stealing millions of dollars.

DiCapo was never charged in the case, but victims told Wolchek that Denny used Craigslist ads to lure them into bad deals.

Denny continued to place Craigslist ads – business ads, car ads. FOX 2 went undercover and got a video of Denny selling a Jeep he said was his, but he didn’t even know how to open the hood.

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Soon DiCapo was arrested for fraud involving vehicles. Dubbed the King of Craigslist, Denny didn’t like Wolchek covering his legal proceedings.

Sometimes he hid from our cameras – sometimes he gave us kisses.

Denny was convicted of two felonies in 2015, then last year Rob started getting emails telling him the ‘King of Craigslist’ was back.

AG Dana Nessel must have had some contact about DiCapo as well, because last week his office charged Denny with five counts of theft by conversion and one count of criminal enterprise – a 20-year felony.

DiCapo is accused of tricking victims into paying him down payments to buy businesses and then keeping the money when the deals fell through.

Denny DiCapo is currently being held in the Oakland County Jail. His bond is $100,000.

Denny DiCapo.


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