Flowers: Democrats attempt to pull off shameful ‘October surprise’

I always thought the term “October Surprise” was misleading.

It usually refers to an incident that happens just before an election, something so intriguing or outrageous that it could impact voters who would otherwise predictably vote.

It describes what happened when James Comey reopened the investigation against Hillary Clinton and the notorious (or not) emails.

It happened when Trump was filmed talking about the things he liked to grab.

It happened when Gary Hart was exposed in the now almost innocent act of dating a blonde and not his wife on a boat called “Monkey Business”.

It happens a lot, and to be honest, it’s expected. The search for opposition is an art, and the October Surprise is its greatest masterpiece, a form of
a trap that can sometimes make or break a politician’s career.

But the “surprise” part is a misnomer. There’s nothing unexpected about the ambush policy, and anyone raising their eyebrows in a Betty Boop sort of “Oh no!” is either deadly naive or a good liar. Actually, not such a good liar.

Sometimes, however, the attempt to turn what would otherwise be neutral reporting into a partisan hatchet fails.

In fact, when you examine it closely, it ends up making the “surprise” look so bad that it manages to have the opposite effect.

In other words, you look at the guy or girl trying to slobber their opponent, and you decide the opponent looks way better than before.

It takes place in Georgia, with Herschel Walker.

Democrats posted an ad on Craigslist looking for women who may have been impregnated by the former Heisman Trophy winner, and they found a distressed group of exes.

They then accused Walker, who has been openly pro-life in recent years, of hypocrisy for urging these fertile girls to abort her children. Interestingly, none of these women have made any public claims in the past, and none of them seemed particularly keen on having been a mother in the first place.

I mean, if you accept money for an abortion and then have an abortion, you can’t lament that you were a victim. To be more
correct, you were subsidized.

But Democrats pushed that story for more than a month, and while it had some early traction, recent polls have shown that
Walker is neck and neck with his Democratic opponent Rafael Warnock.

Reverend Warnock has his own ethical issues when it comes to domestic relations, including a credible claim that he skimped a bit on his child support.

But after a debate that saw Walker’s numbers soar in the polls, it appears this particular October surprise has missed the mark.

It’s reminiscent of what Democrats tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh, trotting out women he last saw before he could shave and painting him as a sexual predator.

There are people who, to this day, believe that now Judge Kavanaugh raped Christine Blasey Ford.

You can’t deprogram #MeToo cult members, so it’s not even worth it.

But ultimately, Kavanaugh’s daub was ineffective, and it’s likely Walker’s daub will have the same happy outcome, that is, for him.

However, the Walker incident pales in comparison to what Democrats are trying to do with the Paul Pelosi tragedy.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband was brutally attacked by a psychotic drifter wielding a hammer last week. By any measure, it was a horrific assault, and anyone who doesn’t care, as a distressing number of my conservative tribesmen have, is a soulless creep.

But let’s be clear: questioning the circumstances surrounding the assault is not the same as mocking the victim.

Wondering how the intruder was able to break into a well-guarded home, wondering why the police didn’t immediately defeat the assailant when he arrived, wondering why a man who has spent most of his life as a psychotic left winger suddenly turned into a psychotic right winger, wondering
why the security cameras in this well-fortified house weren’t on, and just wondering why the police gave information in bits and pieces
parts is not cruel, mocking or inhumane.

In fact, it’s extremely human to ask questions about strange situations.

Because of these issues, Republicans have been accused of everything from elder abuse to white nationalism. And that has now turned into a new narrative from Jan. 6, an attempt to remind undecided voters that Democrats love democracy, and that Republicans not only force their exes to abort their babies, they also want to revive the Third. Reich, just in time for exams.

It’s the classic October surprise: trying to turn your political opponent into a satanic figure.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so offensive.

Democrats accuse Republicans of exploiting aggression against an 82-year-old man, but they are the ones trying to use him to win an election.

While that’s not exactly a surprise, it’s disturbing.

Of course, Democrats aren’t the only ones doing this. Who can forget Willie Horton and the racist campaign propaganda of George HW Bush?

Who can forget the revelations the day before the election that Thomas Eagleton, George McGovern’s running mate, had received electroshock therapy?

Who can forget the continual pitfalls involving Whitewater and Women versus Bill Clinton, though most of them weren’t limited to October. And again, Gary Hart.

But exploiting the attack on an elderly man is above all that, and it’s another example of why politics is the dirtiest game there is.

And that should surprise absolutely no one.

Christine Flowers can be contacted at [email protected]

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