Holiday Specials for Thanksgiving Chapter 2

Call it Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving. We always call it a day off, but we’re leaving a few holiday specials for your perusal and enjoyment.

AT 8: Psychologist Katherine Kinzler says judging people on accents and other speech characteristics can become a significant social justice issue. She presents the case in How you say it: why you talk the way you do and what it says about you. We get into code changing and other practices in a conversation with the author.

At 9 o’clock: Helen Dea Bala had a chance conversation with a stranger and wanted more of the same. So she turned to Craigslist to solicit contributions; she tells the story in her book Craigslist Confessional: A Collection of Secrets from Anonymous Strangers. Listen to the kinds of things people are willing to say to people they don’t know.

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