Horror movies for people who don’t like horror movies

Once October rolls around, it’s spooky season. It’s time for cool days, sweet treats, hot drinks and best of all – horror movies. Nothing sets the mood for October and Halloween quite like a good horror movie. Whether you’re watching a classic 50s horror flick or watching the latest Tim Burton film, there are plenty of fun options to watch to celebrate the season. While it’s always fun to watch horror movies with friends, not everyone really enjoys ghosts. For those who want to be included but don’t want nightmares for a week, here are some options for good scary movies.


Beetle Juice (1988)

A classic film with a stacked cast including a young winona ryder, along with Michael Keaton as the title character, this story brings the weird and unusual to life as it follows the ghosts of a young married couple that haunt their home. Winona Ryder as Lidia moves in with her family and things just keep getting weirder from there as audiences are allowed to see behind the scenes of the spooky afterlife and some of the most monstrous things in the afterlife. of the. This movie has talented actors who bring a wide range of fascinating characters to life, especially the eccentric and sinister Beetlejuice, who is sure to leave viewers unsteady and scared, but has a funny charm that takes over.

Coraline (2009)

Although this movie is technically a children’s movie, it can be incredibly unnerving. It centers on Coraline, who has been forced to move to a new town with her parents, to a strange house that has other tenants above and below them. She is incredibly unhappy and feels invisible to her parents. Then she finds a small door in the wall that leads to a seemingly perfect version of her world, heralded by her Other Mother, who has buttons for her eyes. As the Other Mother tempts Coraline to stay in her world forever, things get more and more intense and scary. Even still, the film has a amazing clay a design that makes things both whimsical and slightly haunting. The story is amazing and definitely worth a look.

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Creep (2014)

fans of found horror pictures will enjoy this film titled Creep, which follows Aaron in the mountains after responding to an ad on Craigslist for a videographer. Aaron is filming for a man named Josef, who claims he is dying of cancer and wants to leave a video for his unborn son. As the two spend a lot of time and bond, Aaron begins to notice the holes and inconsistencies in Josef’s stories. Creep is a fun movie that explores the themes of relationships and honesty, but is also great for those who aren’t into average horror movies. This movie has a perpetual air of anticipation; it makes the audience expect a lot of different things and makes them nervous before swinging in a different direction. It defies expectations while satisfying the itch for something scary and off-putting.

47 Meters Down (2017)

Although most people don’t really think of shark movies as a Halloween watch, they’re great when you need a little thrill but don’t want to deal with slashers and monsters. Shark movies are pretty simple and can only have so many twists, but they can still scare audiences. 47 meters below adapts directly in this category. The acting is a bit hokey, but the shark is very scary, and those two qualities balance out for a spooky experience that won’t give you aquaphobia. The film centers on two sisters on vacation who try to get away from the stress they are facing and decide to try something new by cage diving with sharks. They are safely inside the cage and have scuba gear to breathe underwater, but all hell breaks loose when the rigging fails and their cage falls to the bottom of the ocean. As they try to hold on to air and find a way back up, the sisters encounter large sharks that hamper their every step and devour the divers who come to rescue them. It’s fun and scary in all the best ways.

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Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

This film is also a classic and has an incredibly fun cast. The film revolves around Seymour, who spends his days working in a flower shop and shyly doting on his colleague, Audrey, whom he can’t seem to muster the courage to ask out on a date. He finds a strange plant with a bulbous top that opens wide into a mouth, and not only does it like to eat meat, but it can also talk. Seymour tries to care for the strange plant and is tricked by it into feeding it what it really craves – human meat and blood. Although the plot seems slightly terrifying and the movie has some spooky moments, the scare factor is somewhat relieved by the fact that the whole the film is a musical. The songs play well into the story and add a lighter element to it, keeping it from being too scary.

The Boy (2016)

This movie is a wild ride, and viewers were blown away by the twist at the end. The story follows Greta, who escapes an abusive relationship and takes up a full-time job as a nanny for a young boy in England. When she arrives and meets the old couple she is going to take care of, she is confused and troubled that it is actually a doll named Brahms. The couple and their delivery guy all treat Brahms like a real kid, and the couple insist on a set of rules he must follow. Then the couple go on a trip and leave their son to Greta. At first she ignores the rules Brahms apparently likes, but then strange things start happening in the house and the doll seems able to move and act on her own. This movie is a good watch for those who aren’t great at scary movies, because The boy is just a scary, scary story for the most part until a climax near the end (and even with the wild twist, still not too scary).

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