Husband posts Craigslist ad ‘looking for a gay man’ to party with wife

A New York man on Craigslist tried to come up with a nifty solution to make sure his wife could get to weekend events safely without her being present.

In a Craigslist ad, shared by famed nightlife producer Terence Edgerson on instagram, a husband was looking for someone to accompany his wife on weekend excursions so that he could “rest”. Edgerson — known as NY Social Bee online – shared a screenshot of the listing titled ‘Looking for gay man to take wife to party (Chelsea)’, which appears to have since been removed from the website.

TODAY contacted Craigslist for confirmation on the post, but did not immediately respond.

“My wife is great but she always wants to go out. Especially at electronic music events in Brooklyn,” the message begins, “Unfortunately, I can’t follow her. I’m not disabled or anything. I just need someone who can accompany her to these events as a friend so that I can rest.

The list continued, with the husband writing, “Ideally you like this type of music, you like to party and you are probably in your 20s and 30s. She is 30 years old.

The husband set an hourly rate, while offering to cover the cost of admission to any event that was “most likely on a Friday or Saturday”.

“If you are interested, please respond with a brief description of yourself. Thank you,” the message concludes.

Edgerson – who lives in Brooklyn – told TODAY over the phone that he first came across the original post after a friend sent it to him and immediately found it hilarious as an event producer himself.

“I throw parties for different people…and so I was reading it and I was scared to laugh and think, ‘Oh my god, that’s me, someone gay to take my wife out,'” he explained.

He decided to share the post on September 14 – which has now amassed over 2,000 likes and nearly 200 comments – with his more than 10,000 followers. Although the original post no longer appears to be live for users to respond to directly, several people in the comments section on Instagram shared their thoughts, along with their unofficial candidacies for the role.

“The way I would have a good time with my little miss, we would be out from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.,” one Instagram user wrote.

Another added: “Finally a way to put my pluses to work!”

“I think I’d be really good at that,” offered one user, while another added, “OK so where do we go?”

A Craigslist user also submitted a list apparently in response to the original after it was deleted. The person claimed to be a well-known DJ in Brooklyn, as well as across the United States.

“I’m not gay; however, I have many friends who would love to welcome a new friend to the group!” they wrote in the post. “We go out once or twice a week, mostly around Bushwick for a variety of electronic events, whether or not I play that night. When I play, there will be backstage/green room access, which is a must-have experience for a music lover!

They shared the date and location of the next event the group would be attending and tried to get the attention of the husband who originally posted the offer. They added: “I hope you see this and want to send a message so we can find a solution!”

While Edgerson, 32, was shocked by the number of people who signed up for his position, he wasn’t surprised by the overwhelming positivity and number of people offering to fill the role. He explained: “I think it also really shows our community, how much we really love bringing people in and taking care of them – like come with me and I’ll show you everything.”

Edgerson also said he thought the original listing was a touching sentiment from the husband.

“It’s super nice of her to be like ‘Somebody please hang out with my wife and also know that she’s not going out alone and she’s safe with somebody’ “, did he declare. “That’s what we’re always looking for in nightlife and clubs: making sure people are with friends and they’re safe.”

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