I almost dated a bank robber

There I was: a single divorced woman looking for love.

I did what millions of people do. I opened my phone and downloaded a few dating apps. Swipe, swipe, message, message – and now I have plans for Friday night with a super cute guy in tech who has a gorgeous dog.

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But who REALLY is this super cute tech dude? Well, I know his first name and I got his phone number… but is he hiding something that could be a deciding factor? Is he married? Does he have a weird fart rock collection? Is he an internet troll? No, his profile says he’s not looking for drama. I’m sure everything is fine.

We all know that meet people online These days it’s about as easy as ordering a ride to the fancy new restaurant you’re both dying to try, but we can’t make sure the person we’re talking to checked. Why isn’t finding your date an automatic part of our online dating routine, like exchanging photos and making sure we have things in common?

Because sometimes that super cute guy in tech is actually a suspected bank robber, out on bail and awaiting trial for said crime.

True Life: I almost dated a bank robber.

Let’s rewind a hot minute before I found out that my date with the gorgeous dog had spent five months in jail that same year. Before sending him a message, I had had serial encounters and I found out that so many men were lying to me about something on their profile. The lies varied in size and scope: they were ten years older, they were still married, they had children they didn’t mention, or they had very different political beliefs than mine.

Every time I sat across from them on the date I would quickly find out that the person I had met in real life wasn’t quite who they had introduced themselves to and thought “Julie, if you had only done your due diligence and crawled to the end of the internet on this person, you wouldn’t be sitting here wasting your fucking time.


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