I matched with a guy on Bumble – I’m stunned by what he asked before we met

IF you spend enough time using dating apps, you’ll probably end up with an amazing story or two.

A woman on the dating scene was stunned when her Bumble match asked her a crazy question over text before they even saw each other in person.


A woman shared the daring question her Bumble match asked her before they met in personCredits: TIKTOK/nicoleajonesy
She was completely dumbfounded


She was completely dumbfoundedCredits: TIKTOK/nicoleajonesy

“I really need you all to stop and listen to this insane text I got from a man I matched with on Bumble two days ago,” Nicole Jones began in a TikTok. video.

“So we paired up on Bumble, we’ve been chatting for a few days, things are going well. He asked me for my number, I say sure,” she said.

“I’m expecting a text from him that says something like ‘Hey! It’s Mike from Bumble’ or some normal intro like that. That’s not what that man said.”

She revealed the outrageous text her match sent to viewers.

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He said: “It might sound silly since we haven’t met yet, but you seem pretty cool on text and god you’re sexy.

“If the ~vibes~ between us are fun, would you be willing to move in with me? I’m in a two-bedroom apartment, so you would have your own room.”

Jones was completely surprised and made that clear.

“Sir, are you okay? In what world would I say yes to that? Does my Bumble profile give off vibes that I need a home to live in? Or that I would say yes to that? she asked.

“Because if so, that would say a lot about why I don’t have enough dates.”

People met the comments section of the video with jokes.

“I think he confused Bumble with Craigslist…Clearly looking for a roommate, not a date,” one wrote.

“I mean, did you even ask what the square footage was, lol,” a second added.

Jones's Bumble match asked her a crazy question via text before they watched each other in person


Jones’s Bumble match asked her a crazy question via text before they watched each other in personCredits: TIKTOK/nicoleajonesy

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