I Quit My Job For A Hustle That Makes $1,000 A Day – It’s Disgusting But I Love It

A business owner says he earns $1,000 a day after working full time.

Spencer Claeys of Seattle says he charges up to $200 to clean people’s roofs and gutters because they “don’t want to do it themselves.”


Spencer Claeys says he earns up to $1,000 a dayCredit: TikTok/@spencerclaeys
He says it takes him about an hour to clean a roof


He says it takes him about an hour to clean a roofCredit: TikTok/@spencerclaeys

He says each job takes him about an hour, which means he can do several houses in a day.

Spencer insists it’s the “easiest” and “quickest” way he’s found to make money “quickly”.

He told his TikTok followers, “A lot of people don’t believe me when I say you can make $100-200 an hour cleaning roofs and gutters.

“But the truth is, you can earn even more if you set a good price and get the job done quickly.

“The best reason for this is simple – people don’t want to do it themselves.

“They could, but there are literally countless examples of things people could do but don’t want to.

“That’s what a business is and does. A business just makes someone’s life more convenient.”

Spencer – who has worked as a model – says roofs and gutters should be cleaned about once a year, and fall is her busiest season.

Meanwhile, two guys who started a stampede from their living room have won £1.2million in a year.

Harvey Singh and Ruhel Uddin, both 29, have come up with a thick, wearable fleece blanket, complete with a hood and a large pocket.

They named it Ony and in just one year they had sales of £1.2million.

The couple, who live in Newcastlesay they didn’t expect to bring in so much when they invented secondary hustle during lockdown.

And a man has claimed he made £7,000 when he was just 15 from an easy-to-recycle secondary hustle.

He says it was so good he even got his buddies to participate who also cashed in.

TikTok user Jacob Blank said: “This side hustle is about flipping trash, flipping random objects.

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“I leveraged, offered eBay and Craigslist to do this.

“I first sold all my old toys that I didn’t want anymore and one that I ran out of my own stuff that I owned to sell, I contacted my parents and said ‘hey, there’s Is there anything in the house that you want to get rid of?” and I sold it and they let me keep all the profit.

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