I Tried A Popular Side Business And Started Making Money After Just 10 Minutes

ONE TikToker tries side hustles to help others figure out which ones are worth doing.

The holidays are approaching and many of us are looking for ways to earn some extra cash.


This TikToker tests secondary scams to see how much money they can makeCredit: TikTok/
After just 10 minutes he made $21


After just 10 minutes he made $21Credit: TikTok/

There are so many side shoves All over social media, it’s hard to tell which jobs will actually make you money and which will waste your time.

The TikTok account Resell..University tests the secondary shakes sent in by viewers and rates them on a typical scale from A to F.

Recently he tested how much he could earn rake the leaves.

Fall has arrived and there is an endless amount of leaves already covering or soon will cover the yards and walkways.

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Demand for it is high right now, so get out before the others do.


The only things he bought to get ready were a rake and a bag of large trash bags, which he got from Walmart.

He printed flyers at home and went to a neighborhood that had lots of trees.

He started putting his flyers in mailboxes and before he got to the end of the street, someone called him to rake their garden.

After about 10 minutes of raking leaves and picking up trash, he had picked it all up and finished his first job.

For the price, he decided to charge $7 for each bag of leaves picked up. It would also be acceptable to charge based on the size of the yard or the time it takes you to complete the job.

The Penny Hoarder suggests checking current rates on Craigslist or neighborhood groups like Nextdoor before deciding how much to charge.

When the job was done, he earned $21 and said it could definitely pay off for people who can get a few houses or an entire neighborhood.

Overall, this side hustle was rated B, meaning it pays decent pay and is something fun to do on the side.

Earn money

For those looking for a side hustle that provides pretty much constant work, see how you’re doing on to mow the lawn.

Also tested by Resell University, this one has a startup cost of $35.

To start, he created and then printed flyers to advertise his new business.

He then went to Home deposit and rented a lawn mower for four hours, which only cost him $22.

With his flyers and his mower, he went to a neighborhood knocking on doors to find customers.

In the video, he said it only took an hour to find three people who actually needed to mow their lawns.

So he charged them $50 per yard and started.

He said each yard took about an hour to cut and made $150 in three hours after doing all three.

However, he did not keep all of the profits.

The money breaks down as follows: $150 profit less $25 for the rented mower and $10 for gas.

The scammer walked away with $120 for three good hours of work.

If you do this for an entire week, you might be able to earn close to $800 per week.

His son, 19, saw

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