I was married – and in love with a lesbian

Labels are not my favorite thing. They irritate me in clothes and in life. I was never one to adhere to the heteronormative ideal, even as a child. I wore what I wanted, played how I wanted, and loved who I wanted.

I did most of it in secret.

But labels have a purpose and for the purpose of this piece, I identify as pansexual. Essentially, I love the person, regardless of gender or sexuality. I have had relationships with men and women, separately and together. Most of the women I dated were either bisexual or pansexual.

Until I meet Mara.

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In the good old days, when you could still post personal ads on Craigslist, I had an ad looking for a woman. I was married to my second husband at the time; we were in an open relationship. He was often absent and at the time, I didn’t “feel” the men.

I wasn’t looking for a connection either; I wanted a real connection.

I wanted something that would evolve into a long term relationship. After sifting through cam girls, bots, and men, I came across an email that showed great promise.

Mara was only a few months younger than me and lived about two hours away. She taught literature at a local community college, loved classic rock, and rode a Harley.

In my announcement, I explained my situation in detail. I have always been upfront and upfront about my intentions. I was surprised that she answered, but Mara never cared that I liked sex with men as well as women.


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