‘Ideal for someone with few belongings’: Tiny Vancouver rental has stunning views, limited space

There’s a cheap room to rent in downtown Vancouver, as long as you don’t have a lot of stuff.

Craigslist post advertises $650 room in a condo near BC Place. Although such a low rent for a house located there seems unreal, there is a reason why it is so cheap.

The rented room is absolutely tiny, with barely enough room for a twin bed. The ad says it’s eight feet by five feet, but in the photos it appears to be an angular piece – one end is narrower than the other.

The photos show three sides of the bed wedged against the wall (one of the walls appears to be a blanket). At one end of the bed there is enough space for a narrow shelf. Fortunately, the room has a sliding door to enter.

“The bedroom is a very small solarium/den and is ideal for someone with few belongings,” the ad reads. “It comes with a small comfortable bed (mattress + bed frame), a shelf, a clothes rack and a sliding door.”

Two other housemates live in the space; whoever chooses the small piece will be the third. The rest of the condo is a relatively normal space with a washer and dryer, a balcony, and is close to the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station.

Roommates are looking for someone who is “cool” for what they describe as a “laid back home.”

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