Is 100,000 Miles on a truck bad?

With pickup a truck prices are exploding, even for used ones, many of us are forced to compromise. Instead of a nice new low mileage truck, many of the trucks we can afford have over 100,000 miles. An analysis of the local Craigslist also shows that there are many trucks with even 200,000 that seem to be working well. But, that begs the question, is 100,000 miles on a truck bad?

100,000 miles is not worn

A 2013 Ram 1500 | RAM

Of course, we all want a truck with the fewest miles. But for many of us, that’s just not an option. The old rule of thumb was that people drove about 15,000 miles a year and most cars or trucks were worn out after six or seven years. But this is no longer the case as manufacturers have raised their standards for reliability and workmanship. A truck with 100,000 miles could be a great buy and reliable for many years.

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