Is 2012’s “Project X” based on a true story?

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The comedy of 2012 Project X depicts one of the craziest parties ever. Although such an obvious plot doesn’t need any real inspiration, people are convinced that it’s based on a real epic house party thrown by an Australian teenager in 2008. With hundreds of drunken kids who spilling onto the street, damage to private and public property, a police helicopter circling overhead and a threat of a 20,000 Australian dollar fine, the party caused a stir around the world and transformed his 16-year-old host into a temporary celebrity. This Aussie bash sounds like the X in Project Xbut the truth is more complicated.

Similarities Between The Movie And Corey Worthington’s Party

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Corey Worthington is the teenager in charge of the headline-making Aussie party. He threw it on his mom and stepdad’s house while they were on vacation, reflecting Thomas’ situation in Project X. The fictional high school student throws a party at his parents’ house while they’re away for the weekend. Unbeknownst to Thomas, his friend Costa promoted the party on Craigslist and local radio, prompting the arrival of hundreds of strangers. Likewise, the nearly 500 people who attended the Worthington party came from MySpace and MSN. Both parties involved illicit substances, property damage and a serious police intervention. Lately, Project X ends with a TV interview featuring Costa, which invokes the unrepentant interview Worthington gave the Australians about the party.

Project X‘s director on Worthington party

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Just before Project Xthe exit, CinemaBlend director Nima Nourizadeh asked of Worthington’s party. He denied having any influence on his film, saying, “It’s funny you say that, because a few people asked me. No, I actually wasn’t inspired by or anything like that from this thing.

Allowed inspirations

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Project XThe direct inspiration for, Nourizadeh said, was a party “that took place in the countryside in London” and became a “mass scrum”. It was a similar event to Worthington, only parents were present. Parties spiraling out of control are a dime a dozen, so in addition to the London fiasco, Nourizadeh has researched many such outbreaks around the world. As social media grew around this time, “Facebook parties”, in Nourizadeh’s words, became huge. It is this growing phenomenon that inspired the director of Project Xnot just any party.

For Project X‘s writer and producers, the inspiration was even simpler. They wanted to make a movie about “the craziest, gnarliest high school party ever”. That’s what Todd Phillips and Scott Budnick asked Michael Bacall to write in 2009. “I thought that was a pretty cool idea,” Bacall said. “I wrote a pretty comprehensive treatment for it.”

Phillips said that Project X was an “experiment” designed by executive producer Alex Heineman. “Once we had the concept from Alex Heineman,” he said, “a group of us sat in a room and started stories about memorable parties, the ones we used to do part or that we had just heard of. From there, it was about determining the mood, the tone, the story of the film. That’s the fun part.

Project X is not based on a true story; it’s based on many true stories of wild parties gleaned from the media and the personal lives of the filmmakers. Although no one has admitted to being inspired by Worthington’s legendary shaker, it is similar enough to be a likely predecessor.

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