Is Disneyland ticket scalping still a problem?

Ticket resale has been a problem for several years, whether at theme parks, concerts, or other venues. This practice, also known as ticket scalping, involves selling the tickets to potential sellers at a higher price to desperate people who are willing to pay exorbitant costs for these experiences. These tickets are sold in different ways, but mainly online through sites like eBay or Craigslist.

However, in the case of tickets to Disney parks, scalping is still a widespread problem, especially for special events like Oogie Boogie Bash, where tickets often sell out before others even have a chance to buy them.

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Frustrated with the practice of reselling tickets to Disneyland, TikTok user @sthoch recently got into it social media platform to further discuss this problem, why it is so prevalent, and how we can stop it.


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In this article, @sthoch points out a variety of issues with ticket scalping, including the wide availability of paper tickets that have been sold and the lack of control over who owns those tickets, as they are meant to be a contract between the buyer and seller. and not transferable.

However, he notes that now tickets to Walt Disney World are more like credit cards, plus the Disneyland Resort will be implementing MagicBand+ on October 29, which will help stop ticket resales.

Although this practice is illegal in California and the police may not enforce it as much, the poster warns us that the only way to stop ticket scalping for now is to stop buying tickets. tickets from resellers.

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Several commenters agreed with the overall sentiment of this video. For example, @mirandahill54 said:

this has been happening for ages with people selling days left on park hoppers that have expired

User @huntersmomm1 also shared his perspective on this issue, specifically on the cast members (referred to here as CMs):

WDW had so many problems with CM selling his free tickets for his friends and family. They must now have a CM to enter the park with you or jump into the park

However, many commentators have pointed out that Disneyland is increasingly aware of these dealers and is cracking down on the operation.

As noted by @brifimusic:

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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User @shaquilieoatmeal also shared:

I can assure you that Disney security is aware of the tickets sold on CL. We used to cancel tickets all the time. I wouldn’t bother to buy

@wenduh also participated in:

They are resellers and Disney has canceled many tickets this year because of it. They crack them down

Although ticket resale has been a problem recently, Disney’s ticket policy is clear – tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the same person every day. The original TikTok poster was right – you can help stop these pushers by stopping buying tickets from sources other than Disney parks.

Have you recently purchased Disney Parks tickets from resellers? What was your experience?

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