Issa Rae details her ‘uncertain’ introduction to adulthood – ‘We never paid rent for six months’

There is a saying regarding fine art which suggests that art often imitates life. And if anyone has ever taken this phrase seriously, it’s our self-proclaimed favorite. clumsy black girl, Issa Rae.

As the creator of the YouTube series “The Misadventures of a Clumsy Black Girl” and the cult classic “Insecure,” Rae has given the world a vague glimpse into her life. Her characters are relatable and accurately portray the cohort of millennials she represents. Plus, they provide the comic relief needed to survive into adulthood.

With an array of awards and honors under her belt, it’s safe to say that Issa Rae is that girl!

But before fame and the big platform, one of the most relevant qualities about Rae was that she worked hard and got out of the mud like many future, current and budding creatives. So much so that when she once lived in Harlem, New York, she went six months without paying rent and had the surprise of her life when the building’s new owner came to collect the check.

Looking to get rich

Issa Rae appeared in the first episode of Direct deposit, a podcast hosted by Morehouse College graduate and author Chad Sanders.

The podcast centers on the dynamics of black people finding their way in the world, seeking financial stability, and balancing wealth while continuing to negotiate what it means to be black in America.

An interesting welcome to New York

In this episode, Sanders asked the creator of “Rap Sh! T” as inspiration to introduce the audience to broke Issa. At that time, she noted that it wasn’t until she got to Harlem that she finally realized how broke she was to begin with.

“I was in Harlem, and I had just graduated and gotten a stipend to move to New York. And I thought I was acting. It was a 6,000 stipend. $ and I was living in a slum. I didn’t know I was,” Rae described on the podcast. “This random Jewish guy, who must have been 24, had shown me this apartment, and I was tasked with finding it for another girl I knew at Stanford, a black girl.”

A sort of treasure hunt

With the task at hand, she went to Harlem to find this apartment listed on Craigslist, and when she arrived she discovered that it was being renovated. Excited about the supposed renovation, Rae and her friend lived there for about six months. However, those first six months were unintentionally rent-free.

“We never paid rent for six months because no one asked us because I guess no one owned the building. And, so, we were just like, I guess we just live here. And then, of course, six months later, they were like, ‘Oh, we’re the new owners of the building. You have to pay now,” Rae explained during the episode.

Turning Ls into Lessons

Issa Rae admitted that because they were such “goodie two shoes”, they didn’t let go of responsibility. They paid the arrears of rent.

Rae takes this as a learning lesson, not knowing much about money at the time. She also revealed that she worked three jobs with a pile of credit card debt.

It’s been since

However, none of this has stopped her dreams. With aspirations to write and create short films, she continued to pursue her passions, which definitely paid off.

Today Rae owns hers production company, has hit TV shows and movies, and stars in top movies.

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