Jon Pardi introduces fans to his Pardi pets, including Johnny, June, Garth and Trisha

Jon Pardi has a few household names living in his backyard and they are Johnny, June, Garth and Trisha. But those aren’t country music’s icons, those are its goats.

When Pardi isn’t on the road or recording new music, he tends to those four-legged family members who live on his Nashville farm.

He has already introduced the world to some of his animals via social media, such as his goats named Johnny and June after Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and Garth and Trisha, inspired by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Of course, we can’t forget his goat named Oreo.

During an interview on Amazon Music Weekly Country Heat PodcastPardi gave more details about all the animals that occupy her at home.

He shared that some of his other self-proclaimed “Pardi” animals include his cows Holly, Kyle, Opal, Daisey and Reba, his red calf. Then there are her four dogs Gus, Charlie, Bear and Cowboy, who made an appearance in the music video for one of her favorites, “Tequila Little Time.”

“Cowboy, Cowboy is good. Gus, Gus is good. Gus is cool, he likes air conditioning. Charlie is a psycho, he’s a non-stop energetic French bulldog who just runs with the pack. And Bear is our little rescue Craigslist. He’s an airedoodle and he’s not small, about 100 pounds,” Pardi revealed on the podcast.

Besides making him a main character in his music video, the singer has also taken Cowboy on the road with him in the past.

Just like her adorable dogs, Pardi finds that each of her cats has their own personality too. The family he calls, the “Catdashians”, was named after the famous celebrity family, The Kardashians. He found and rescued his felines named Rob, Khloe, Kim and Kylie while they were living together in a pipe.

“Rob is a tomcat so he’s always relaxing, he’s getting fat. Khloe is the hunter. She’s really nimble, she walks a bit like that, she doesn’t like being petted too much. Then Kim and Kylie are just lovebugs, they are always at your feet.

Jon Pardi explained that when they’re not doing their job as “killers” on his farm, they have the flexibility to come in and out of their home as they please. In order to train them to use the cat door, he revealed that his training trick is the delicious human snack, Cheez-It’s.

This is the California native’s first time owning cats, so he said he’s “still learning” about these animals and the best ways to care for them.

“There’s actually a cat documentary on Netflix, it’s really, really interesting,” he said. “They were called the untamable animal and I learned that their genes hadn’t really evolved since they were primitive, like they were still some kind of wild animal…they still aren’t not very far from their appearance, so they’re just some kind of wild animals.

Meanwhile, the care and keeping of his goats and cows is on the easier side of his animals.

“That’s the crew right there,” he said.


After wrapping up his headlining tour, Jon Pardi is enjoying some downtime before hosting his first child with his wife Summer.

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