Letter: An Affordable Response to Additional Housing

A lady wrote an excellent letter, and I will answer her question. I was a real estate broker and developer for 40 years. I was “proactive” in creating residential sites. I built houses, apartments, subdivided lots. Often when selling ads, buyers couldn’t afford Chico. Nothing unusual about that… I can’t afford Beverly Hills.

City prices are just a reality…no bad players. There are plenty of affordable locations out there. Extreme example: Open Craigslist in Klamath Falls. You’ll find a 5th wheel for $10,000 and an RV park with a vacancy asking for $375/month. Trailer payments @ 9% amortized over 5 years is $210…so a burger flip job does the trailer payment and RV space rental at K-Falls in a single week. Have you ever been to Dorris, California?

There are cheaper accommodations, but not everywhere. So what should people do if they want to, but can’t afford, Chico or Beverly Hills? Answer: “Living elsewhere.” Life is full of 2nd choices.

Should Beverly Hills be forced to build you an affordable home? No city should have this obligation. Asking a city to welcome everyone is silly.

I suggest you (and other readers) get proactive! Join some friends and buy some nearby land and develop it into a new RV park. BTW: The Imhoff family built five mobile home parks in Chico. You can also choose the typical socialist party solution…roll other people around and use their money to build government housing.

—Ron Imhoff, Chico

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