Maine’s Top Craigslist Missed Hookups 7/7-7/13

Have you ever met someone at the grocery store, in a bar or just passing by and you blame yourself for not having their name, their social networks or their number? Well, there’s Craigslist for that.

Every day there are new messages under “Missed Connections”. They explain where the encounter happened, what the interaction was like, and a plea for the other individual to reach out if they happen to be browsing the site.

Who knows if any of them actually work. Or how many were off base thinking there was a connection.

Either way, the messages can be endearing, embarrassing, or good for a laugh.

And maybe using this platform will help make more connections! So if you’ve recently met someone you just can’t stop thinking about, maybe they’re looking for you too.

And the next time you have an interaction with someone, do what you can to make sure it’s not a “someone got away” scenario. Get over there! Find love!

Maybe it’s the perpetual romantic in me, but I can’t help but root for these people! Sure, Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge help people connect, but the simplicity of Craigslist and the effort it takes to reconnect is something to be respected.

Have you ever established a connection on Craigslist? Would you be open to posting a missed match on the site? Let us know by downloading our app and chatting with us!

Maine’s Top Craigslist Missed Hookups 7/7-7/13

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