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Ping-pong table (free at reception)

Miami Gardens

The Craigslist job above hasn’t been posted yet, but depending on how Sunday goes, you might find it Monday morning.

Professional football players, by definition, are very good at football. Since many of them must have excellent hand-eye coordination, you’d assume that many of them are pretty good at ping pong as well.

It turns out, however, that these two efforts are a bad mix. It might cost you a few rounds of ball.

Or the thought goes south, where the Miami Dolphins lost their quarterback, then their reserve quarterback, two consecutive football games, and now, in some sort of sacrifice to the Win-Loss gods, they have tidied up the ping pong table.

Apparently, receiver Tyreek Hill was the ringleader in exposing the damaging nature of table tennis, as is known in proper circles.

“Tyreek and the captains have decided that they want to take a step forward with all of their opponent’s preparation, as far as the team is concerned and with their preparation with our game plans in general,” the coach started. Chief Mike McDaniel.

“So he made the gesture of taking the ping-pong table out of the locker room. To me, that’s leadership. »

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McDaniel’s silly nature and funny sense of humor naturally makes you think he might be joking.

No. Apparently not.

“To me,” he continued, “leadership is doing, not talking. There’s a bunch of different examples of these guys and that’s why they’re captains. That’s why we count on them.

When they see a problem, damn it, they roll it out to the sidewalk. You’ll notice, however, that no 85-inch Samsung has been left out. The leather furniture and hair salon also remain.

McDaniel had more to say, and again, there’s no evidence to suggest he’s having a good laugh at our expense. At least not yet. Please make it a parody.

“. . . It’s about solving problems, not complaining about them,” the coach continued. “They wanted collectively, as a group of players, to invest more time during the week in their Sunday work.

“So instead of just saying it, they did something about it and that’s why I have such a lot of love for those guys.”

It was just over 50 years ago when President Richard Nixon gave us the term “ping pong diplomacy”, which involved the United States sending a table tennis delegation to the Republic of China , long closed.

And exactly 50 years ago, when Nixon became the first US president to visit China. It was also 50 years ago when China returned the favor and sent its own table tennis group to play in the United States.

And finally, yes, that was also 50 years ago when the Miami Dolphins went undefeated and won the first of two consecutive Super Bowls.

It seems to me that the current dolphins are playing with the gods of karma.


It’s been a long time coming, but important October football has returned to Knoxville. Josh Huepel toppled the Vols, who are currently ranked sixth in the nation, driving a high-speed offense, and all they have to do to keep it going is something they never, ever have. do.

They have to beat Alabama while Nick Saban stands on the sidelines. We’re not talking about a handful of games. As head coach of ‘Bama, Saban is 15-0 against the Vols and six different coaches at UT.

The Vols are also set to face The Tide a week after losing to Texas A&M, meaning Saban had no problem getting everyone’s attention this week.

We’re big on trends here, and if 15-0 isn’t a trend, what is? Plus, a few longtime friends of Rocky Toppin are convinced that a certain hit goes hand in hand with being picked (by a certain person) to win big football games.

This one’s for them – ‘Bama over the Vols by 7.

• Somewhere else: Florida by 2 over LSU; Michigan beats Penn State; Ole Miss on Auburn; Clemson comfortably on FSU; Miami beats Virginia Tech; Notre Dame by 12 above Stanford; Utah slightly upsets Southern Cal; Mississippi State beats Kentucky; TCU over Oklahoma State; and in the annual tilt between two small Minnesota private schools, Gustavus Adolphus’ Gusties par 8 over the Hamline Pipers.

BESIDES: About 400 years ago, old Gus was the beloved king of Sweden who inherited three ongoing wars from his father, Charlie, and was ultimately killed in one of them.

Every November 6, the date of his death, Swedes gather and celebrate Gustavus Adolphus Day while eating pastries with his chocolate likeness adorning the top. You have a few weeks to find a great recipe, but get ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know about marzipan.

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