Midtown startup Mobot puts robots to work testing software

The robots use a stylus to operate touchscreens on Mobot’s library of over 250 devices, ranging from older Android phones to the iPhone Pro Max 14, ensuring that bugs and incompatibilities are detected and fixed, regardless of device. device used by the end user.

Customers pay a monthly subscription that buys a set of taps. The basic $2,000 subscription, for example, buys several thousand faucets. Customers who test a lot of applications may need hundreds of thousands of taps per month.

Hiring Mobot’s bots isn’t necessarily cheaper than outsourcing human testers overseas or hiring a minimum-wage intern on Craigslist, but the results are much more reliable, says Full Goh. Humans get tired, faint and make mistakes. And because Mobot can test on many devices at once using multiple bots, it can complete a full test in hours rather than days.

GasBuddy, a gas price app that has been downloaded more than 100 million times, has teamed up with Mobot for testing after redesigning its software from the ground up last year.

“It’s high on the list of tasks you want to automate,” says GasBuddy CTO Max Metral.

With Mobot, GasBuddy can quickly test a lot more user scenarios on more devices than it could ever hope to handle internally, says Metral, adding, “It allows us to meet the needs of our users and deliver functionality faster. .”

Mobot announced $12.5 million in Series A funding in August, bringing its total support to $17.8 million.

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