Multi-state Pokemon scammer arrested after raising $12,000

TULSA, OKLA. – He tried to catch them all – but the police ended up hiding him instead.

A Tulsa man is behind bars for allegedly selling fake Pokemon cards on Craigslist to people across the country.

Police say Michael McCoy was arrested after receiving a tip from a victim in Hawaii who paid $3,000 for what he thought was the real deal.

Officers had already been investigating the case for months when they received a call from the victim in Hawaii.

This person agreed to work with investigators, and they created a fake number to trick McCoy into selling him cards again.

The police were then able to arrest McCoy when he went to the post office to send the cards.

In total, McCoy was able to scam people out of $12,000, including in Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas. He now faces four counts of false pretense under $1,000.


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