Need money for the holidays quickly? Here are 3 ways to get it in Amarillo.

It’s no secret that many people are feeling a financial crisis this holiday season. Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where you need a little extra money for the holidays.

Here are a few ways to earn some extra cash for the Amarillo vacation this year.

Stock up and sell stuff

Most of us don’t live a minimalist lifestyle. I’m sure if we all took stock there would be a lot of stuff we could sell to make some extra cash.

There are many places where you post items online that are for sale. We all know most of them. There is the Facebook market, eBay, craigslist; and that’s just to name a few.

Although it’s not the fastest (I know someone who’s been trying to sell a clothes dryer for six months), it’s an option.

There are also several pawnshops in the area. If you need money fast and you have something of value that is no longer valuable to you, this could be a solution.

You can still donate plasma

Most plasma centers have great offers for new donors. I got $100 every time I donated for my first month. You get the money instantly which is very nice.

However, you must be able to handle large needles. It also takes about an hour and a half to do the job. Also, you have to be able to handle people watching awkwardly with tubes sticking out of them while they wait for their donation to finish.

I made awkward eye contact more than once. It was… awkward.

There are several centers where you can donate to Amarillo.

You also need to be okay with the idea of ​​selling parts of yourself for money. I’ve met a few people who are upset about selling your plasma, which is basically what you do.

If you’re comfortable exchanging your plasma for cash, then go get that cha-ching. If you’re not, you can rake leaves, mow lawns, or whatever you want to do.

Concert work

Although some of the payouts are not instant, it is possible to earn extra money by doing gig work. I’ve had several friends who will drive for Uber or Lyft while on vacation. Another friend of mine swears by DoorDash.

They’ve all earned decent amounts of money doing it.

Now there are a ton of apps and services that will let you earn some extra cash in your spare time.

Just be aware that the initial payment may not be immediate. Some companies have a waiting period, or payments take a certain number of business days to process.

The appeal here is being able to make the dough when you have the time. The wrong side? There are many other people who had the same idea.

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