Opinion: Trump’s Truth Social and the sad story behind one of the biggest hits of all time

Sylvie Cachay was about to break up with her boyfriend. He killed her before she could.

He strangled her in a bathtub, to be more specific, and the murder happened in room 20 of the posh Soho House hotel on December 9, 2010. It was a big story in the New York media.

That’s because Cachay was a rising star in the fashion world, a swimwear designer who had worked for Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and Anne Cole.

At 33, she had ambition, according to the media, and her lazy boyfriend had none. His name was Nick Brooks, and he lived off checks from his famous father’s trust fund, Joseph Brooks.

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Joseph Brooks was a decently successful commercial jingle writer until he hit it big by composing one of the most famous songs of the 1970s.

It was he who wrote the hit “You light up my life.” It was originally written for a movie of the same name, but singer Debby Boone – daughter of Pat Boone – made it an AM radio legend.

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The song set a record at the time for most consecutive weeks at No. 1, its 10-week stay eclipsing even The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.”

If you’re old enough, you’re singing it in your head right now.

After reading this, you will never hear it the same way again.

Joseph Brooks won a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song for his composition.

However, the man behind “You Light Up My Life” had a dark side.

Joseph Brooks, with the help of his personal assistant, was accused of luring young women to his New York apartment with ads on Craigslist. He promised them careers in Hollywood if they came to visit, and he often showed them his Oscar when they did. One of the women was from Florida.

In 2009 – the year before his son killed Cachay – he was arrested for raping and sexually assaulting 11 women. Prosecutors later alleged the number was more like 127.

While awaiting trial, Joseph Brooks was found dead in his apartment. He committed suicide.

Nick Brooks, meanwhile, received a 25-year-to-life sentence in 2013 for Cachay’s murder. Until his death, he lived off a trust fund his father had set up for him with royalties from the song.

In 2015, Cachay’s family won a $12.5 million judgment against Brooks.

Meet Sylvie Cachay’s half-brother, Patrick Orlando

So what does all this morbid history have to do with anything? Well, interestingly, Cachay’s half-brother happens to be a Miami-based businessman named Patrick Orlando.

Never heard of him? Most people didn’t. I bet you’ve heard of his business partner. Apparently, he is running for president again. Yeah, this guy.

Orlando owns a blank check company called Digital World Media, which is trying to merge with Sarasota-based Trump Media and Technology Group Corp.

The merger would be quite lucrative for Donald Trump. That would give him $300 million to invest in Truth Social, his social media platform that would be crucial in a presidential race. Trump would also own 80% of the combined company without having to use a penny of his own money.

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The deal is in serious jeopardy, however, as the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to investigate whether the two parties discussed the merger before Digital World was made public. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, an investment of $100 million has been withdrawn.

Orlando tried to get shareholders to agree to delay the merger vote for a year but was unable to get the necessary 65%.

A whistleblower who provided filings to the SEC reportedly said he believed the merger would fail. He also said there was a possibility that Trump’s company would merge with Rumble, the social media platform company on Longboat Key.

As it stands, if the SEC does not approve the merger by December 8, Digital World will have to liquidate and the $300 million raised will be returned to investors.

December 8 is usually a dark time for Orlando, as the day after is the anniversary of his sister’s death..

She was trying to break up with her boyfriend. He killed her before she could.

And if you’re old enough, you’ll never hear this song the same way again.

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