Peloton’s Emma Lovewell reveals new memoir and new book cover

fans of of the peloton Emma Lovewell is all too familiar with the way the instructor ends her lessons: “Live, learn, love well.” It’s her motto and her brand, and now she expands on that message in her new memoir and debut book.

“It’s been my mantra for about 10 years,” Lovewell told PEOPLE of the line. “So it seemed pretty appropriate to name the book [that].”

The memory, Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a lifetime of progress, not perfectionwill debut on May 2, 2023, and “it’s truly a storybook about my life, my career, and my personal life, my physical and mental form; the whole journey that created the person I am today,” she says.

“It’s more than just a prescriptive fitness book. It’s a lot of stories. Some are sad, some heartwarming, some funny.”

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“I would like to think of it as a resource for people, anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed or afraid to make a change. [It’s] just showing that even the smallest change can really redirect or change the course of your life.”

Fans expecting a linear account of the Martha Vineyard native’s life will be surprised. The book will unfold much like the story of the former professional dancer and fitness model – through hard work, a series of chance encounters, leaning on opportunity and talent, and being ready to pivot if necessary. . According to Lovewell, that’s the point.

She says, “I think some people will be surprised by some of the stories from my career. Like, I took a Craigslist job for $50 once and that’s kind of why I’m where I am today. The road is very bumpy. Growth has not been linear. It wasn’t right. The [are] lots of interesting ups and downs and some things people could relate to.”

Emma, ​​who now lives in New York, will share her journey from Martha’s Vineyard to becoming a popular platoon instructor.
Sasha Israel

For example, this $50 Craigslist job (the details of which she saves for book) involved modeling for a personal trainer and meeting a photographer who set her up “with the next thing.” It’s a leg of the journey that saw Lovewell grow up in a “well-to-do town” but “not coming from a lot of money” to work with a multibillion-dollar company since 2016.

Lovewell is quietly working on Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a lifetime of progress, not perfection for almost two years. She is excited to share it with the world, especially the second part of the title, which focuses on another of her mottos.

Emma believes in progress, not perfection.
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“Something I would say in class [is], ‘Perfection does not exist. It is a question of progress. It’s about showing up every day,” she says. “I think if we hold ourselves to an unattainable standard, we’ll always reach it and always think maybe we’re not enough, or that we’re not enough. haven’t given enough, or it’s not good yet because it’s not perfect.

“I think that type of state of mind can be detrimental and can really hold us back and make us unhappy. So, I believe in trying to find joy in the small victories… What are the little things in your day that you can do that give you satisfaction, that make you feel like you’re going in the right direction? direction ? Celebrate them.”

Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a lifetime of progress, not perfection is out May 2, 2023 and will be published by Ballantine Books.

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