‘People are shocked at how far they can go’: Silicon Valley’s Suped-Up electric wheels stock up

Like fitness trackers and pelotons, electric bikes, boards and scooters are now a Silicon Valley mainstay – and one per family may no longer be enough. As the market fills with new, highly specialized electric wheels, each serving a specific function, ride time or mood, it is becoming increasingly common for households to buy two, three, four or even more electric wheels. , from an entry-level e-bike. to an inflated golf cart.

Shaun Abrahamson is one such e-fanatic, trading car trips for regular e-bike and e-board rides. Last week, the managing partner of Los Angeles-based venture capital firm Third Sphere risked missing out on his dinner plans due to deadly LA traffic. But he made it in time and without breaking a sweat aboard his high-end Super73 bike – one of four e-bikes the Abrahamson family owns, along with three e-boards – which took him about 8 miles from Venice in 25 minutes. “Usually people are shocked at how far they can go with very little effort,” Abrahamson said of his assortment of electric wheels. “I mean, that’s the main, mind-blowing thing.”

From one-wheel electric boards to electric minicars to “electric bike SUVs,” here are the favorite e-mobility vehicles and accessories of executives and investors.

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