Premiere: Kane and James share new single “Fallin'”

Premiere: Kane and James share new single “Fallin'”

Kane and James Released in 2023 via Good Eye Records

November 16, 2022

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New Jersey Indie Duo Kane and James had a simple start, with the eponymous brothers buying a multitrack cassette recorder off Craigslist and creating a sentimental combination of jangle pop and indie folk. They have since released “Thinking of You”, their first single with Good Eye Records, and followed this year with “Forever”, the first single from their upcoming debut album, which will be released in 2023. Today, they are back with another new single, “Fallin'”, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Fallin'” builds more on the charming instrumentation and heartfelt songwriting of “Forever”, once again filling the track with rambunctious melodies and confessional edges. The band exudes an irresistibly playful energy, carried by breathless rhythms, syncopated guitar strikes and danceable bass grooves. The results are endlessly sweet, combining loud indie guitars with the sharp pop instincts of 70s AOR rock.

The couple said of the song, “Life is full of good and bad temptations. Sometimes we do things we know we shouldn’t do and we can’t go back once it’s too late.

Check out the song below. Kane and James released in 2023 via Good Eye Records.


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