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Quinn Hettich

The CSUN campus on September 11, 2022 in Northridge, California.

The University’s Student Union hosted “Laugh at your classat CSUN on Friday, October 7. Entering the midterm season, the event was open to CSUN students as well as the public. CSUN students had been able to attend this event every fall semester before the pandemic.

As students gathered for the event within the University’s Student Union, they were greeted with the chance to enter a raffle for tickets to a comedy show that will be taking place later this year off campus. There was also a photo booth where students could take pictures.

This year, professional comedians Jamario McClain and Christine Little performed. McClain has been an actor for 12 years, frequenting comedy clubs such as Improv, The Comedy Store and Laugh Factory. He has also appeared on television shows, including “Laughs” on Fox and “Funny AF” on Revolt. Little has been an actor for over 10 years, performing at various comedy festivals including Limestone, Laughing Skull, Cape Fear and Laugh Your Asheville Off. She’s been featured on “Laughs” on more than one occasion.

McClain played his set first and connected with the crowd by sharing his own scholarly journey with a tongue-in-cheek joke. He exclaimed, “I have a degree in communications but my girlfriend says I can’t communicate.”

The crowd laughed as he continued, “It’s important to deal with rejection in life.” McClain went on to say, “Accept the rejection. That’s why I do comedy.

As the evening continued, the winners of the raffle prizes were announced during a short intermission, with a variety of food and drinks for the audience to choose from.

Freshman Stephanie Ajanel shared, “I feel like for a lot of people, midterms are stressful, and it can be overwhelming on top of everything that goes on in everyday life. of each one.”

She continued, “It’s great to be around lots of people laughing while socializing with different people and having a great time.”

Afterwards, Little took to the stage and bonded with the students by sharing some facts about herself. Little shared where she lives with the public as she exploded into the song “Keyes Keyes Keyes…Keyes on Van Nuys.” The crowd laughed as Little continued, “It’s like the free section of Craigslist is forming a city.”

McClain and Little shared where their inspiration comes from when creating material.

McClain said, “My inspiration comes from growing up as a class clown in school and always making my family laugh at parties.” He continued, “I loved the feeling it gave me when I made a group of people laugh. It’s also very therapeutic for me.

Little said, “My life and my experiences, everything I’m passionate about turns into a joke. Whether it’s anger, sadness or just an obsession for something.

Jericho Venturina, Student Events Assistant at CSUN, was very excited to be back in person and pleased with the attendance. “It’s amazing to see friendly faces,” Venturina said. “Everyone laughs and relaxes from the stressful mid-season.”

“Laugh Your Class Off” started with laughs and ended with more laughter from the crowd with closing remarks from Venturina.

Venturina concluded the evening by saying, “Thank you so much for coming. It’s midterm, go study hard. Do your homework. I know some of you have homework due at 11:59 p.m., so let’s get to it!

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