Some weird stuff you can buy on Cedar Rapids Craigslist

Anyone who has things they don’t want can always put them up for sale on Craigslist. As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s gold”. You find shit in the house, or after a family member dies and you have to take care of their business, you will, NO DOUBT, find things that no one needs. But alas, someone right now is after that worthless shit you have and is willing to pay you for it!

Do you have shit? They want it!

Weird things I found for sale on Cedar Rapids Craigslist

Weird stuff you can buy on Cedar Rapids Craigslist.

Chances are, you have some shitty, sorry, beautiful items in your home that are no longer needed or that you no longer want. You know that’s true. Start by going around the house and picking up the things you would like to see disappear. Then get it all together somewhere (let your other half do the same or there will be things to do Lucy!) and discuss together what you’re both okay with leaving. The other doesn’t count. Sorry.

Once you have your trash, uh, nice items ready to go, put them on your local Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, or eBay or one of those other apps where you can sell and buy stuff, (Note side: the house also has to agree if you decide to unload that too.)

Have fun, clean up the much-needed clutter, and earn a buck or three while you’re at it! It’s time for life to feel a little lighter and freer! Go for it ! Tell them Shawn Foxx is a genius!

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