Something strange is happening at KGO’s AM radio station, which suddenly only plays songs related to gambling and money

AM radio station KGO 810 just announced “Today we say goodbye”, and now they only play songs about money and gambling, which could be a staff revolt or a strange promotion casino?

We understand that AM radio is a tough racket in the modern age, as this industry’s advertising revenue had already been gobbled up by competitors long before Craigslist, Facebook and Internet advertising arrived. But San Francisco’s KGO 810 AM had been an exception and was the top-rated radio station in the Bay Area until 2010 with its original news content (which was there when they filed for bankruptcy).

But the station announced Thursday morning that they were stopping the waves with immediate effectaccording to SFGate, and it sure looks like it was a hard shutdown.

“Today we say goodbye to the legendary KGO,” the station said on Twitter and on its website. “Monday, 8:10 a.m. begins a new era. We hope you will listen.

Okay, so a format change. But something extremely strange is happening on the 8:10 airwaves right now. If you tune into the radio station (and their website removed the “Tune In” button), but you can still get a online streaming on iHeartRadio) there is something on the air. But it’s an automated loop, playing a lot of money-related songs: Pink Floyd’s “Money”, AC/DC’s “Money Talks”, Pet Shops’ “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” Boys and “Take the money and run. Is this a sign of disgruntled, fired employees making editorial comments about their owners and corporate overlords at Cumulus Media?

But there is another, more likely explanation. Some of the other songs on the loop are about gambling: “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers and “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley. The promo ads in the loop say “The Bay Area’s Most Unique Radio Station is Coming Monday. Bet on it!and announce that the new station will be “the biggest gamble in Bay Area radio history.”

So, is KGO 810 becoming a gaming-themed station? Is this all an elaborate casino promotion? Are Propositions 26 and 27 on sports betting buying a radio station for a political publicity blitz? All of these theories seem plausible in an era of increased standardization in sports betting.

Many media reports, including the one above from former sister TV station KGO 810, say KGO is stepping down “after 80 years”. That’s not correct, however, KGO signed in 1924. So he’s really 98 years old.

The “80 years” figure apparently refers to 1942, when NBC sold the station to what would become ABC Radio Network, and is now called Cumulus Media Networks. Over the past few decades, KGO 810AM had been widely respected as a talk radio station, but maybe now, if you’re not playing conspiratorial content 24/7 and Trump isn’t paying the bills. And Cumulus is now shutting down the KGO 810 AM radio we’ve always known, and maybe putting all of its chips in some kind of gambling promotion.

Image: KGO 810 AM (RIP)

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