“Subtle, but effective”: hire a man from San Antonio to annoy your guests

Do you have pesky in-laws, a boorish acquaintance, or someone in your life that you always feel compelled to invite to the party? You’re tired of this ? Enough? If yes, the author of a recent local article craigslist service wants to help you.

Twelve days ago, a San Antonio the man took to the website to provide heroic service unique to the Bexar County area.

His name is “Annoying Man”, or at least that’s what he would like you to call him. According to his appeal, Annoying Man charges $50 an hour to irritate your secretly unwanted guests at parties, gatherings and events. Annoying Man claims to have over 50 years of experience annoying people around him, so the fee roughly translates to a dollar a year of expertise.

“I’m an expert at being the person you don’t want to be with. I don’t harass, use racial slurs, or say anything that could cause me bodily harm. I’m subtle, but effective,” he assures potential customers. “When my work is done, your targets will never want to come back.”

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