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Scanners were once one of our primary methods of creating copies of documents. If you held an office job before the mid-2010’s, a photocopier was likely a workplace staple. However, these devices have fallen in popularity as we’ve transitioned to sending digital documents.

That isn’t to say that copy machines are totally obsolete. Some documents, such as passports and book pages, may require scanning technology to pull and share information quickly. But instead of holding onto antiquated tech or making a trip to the post office every time you need a quick scan, you can turn your iPhone into a photocopier with iScanner, .

Rated 4.8 out of five stars with over 80 million downloads, iScanner is an iOS app that allows you to scan files with your ‘s camera. Simply aim your smartphone at the document, whether it’s a paper note, newspaper clipping or contract, and the app will use AI to remove flaws such as curving and warping, resulting in a clean, high-quality reproduction. This could be helpful if you’re an archivist, student or anyone whose work entails pulling text from physical sources.

iScanner doesn’t just take pictures of your subjects. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to gather text and photos, which you can save as PDF, JPG or TXT files. Multiple scans can be merged into a single document, and you can mark up your files to highlight crucial passages or block confidential information. Additionally, iScanner allows you to add electronic signatures or stamps, which may come in handy when sharing contracts. If you scan a math problem, the iScanner will even solve it for you!

This app’s scanning abilities aren’t limited to paper pages. iScanner can measure an object’s dimensions, so if you’re planning on selling items such as furniture on Craigslist or , you can provide potential customers with an accurate description. iScanner also calculates total room area, which would be useful when apartment hunting. Finally, by pointing your camera at similar objects, the app will count them for you automatically.

See why iScanner is the number one Scanning App on the App Store. For a limited time, you can or 79 percent off.

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