The city’s new rules and fees for garbage and recycling begin this week

Watertown DPW A curbside composting container sits next to Watertown’s waste and recycling containers.

The following information was provided by the City of Watertown:

The City of Watertown recently ratified the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s 2030 Solid Waste Master Plan. This plan sets a goal of a 30% reduction in disposal tonnage statewide by 2030.

The Watertown Public Works Department is implementing new programmatic changes that will see Watertown achieve our 30% reduction in disposal tonnage based on a 2019 baseline. New programs and policies have been created to increase diversion of materials from disposal through reduced consumption, reuse of existing items and expansion of recycling programs. Thank you to all Watertown residents for your support and patience as we transition to these new policy changes.


76 Stanley Avenue Recycling Center: Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to residents of Watertown. NOW ACTIVE

  • Opening hours change to 3 days a week from Monday 12 Septembere2022.
  • Materials collected: cardboard, single-stream recycling, garden waste, electronic waste, batteries, textiles (clothing, shoes, bedding), scrap metal, hard plastics (outdoor furniture, toys, etc.), compost collection.
  • New Addition to Recycling Center: Compost collection.

Food Waste/Compostable Materials: Watertown partners with Black Earth Compost to provide free food waste collection. NOW ACTIVE

  • Residents wishing to participate in the curbside collection program must register at:
  • Curbside collection pilot available for residents of buildings with 4 units or less.
  • Compost depot available at the Recycling Center for all residents.
  • All leftover food must be emptied directly into communal bins. NOPE bags of all kinds.
  • Items accepted: Meat, bones, dairy products, vegetables, leftovers, coffee grounds and filters, eggs, eggshells, seafood and seafood shells, napkins.
  • Full list of items allowed in bins:
  • Food waste collection has begun at Watertown Public Schools for the 2022-2023 school year.

Bulk Items: Flammable items (excluding mattresses) will now have to be scheduled and paid for curbside pickup by phone at 844-737-8254 through the Services of the Republic. These items will be collected at the curb Wednesdays. Please consider donating, selling or gifting furniture and items in good working order. This avoids disposing of large objects and reduces the need to create and transport new objects. PROGRAM STARTS OCTOBER 17, 2022

  • All consumable bulk items will now need to be scheduled for pickup. Schedule and pay for a pickup over the phone at 844-737-8254 through the Services of the Republic. Residents can also use an outside supplier if they wish.
  • Objects placed on the sidewalk that have not been programmed by the services of the Republic will not be collected and will be considered as illegal deposits, which may result in a fine.
  • Places to donate or sell include Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing-Watertown Facebook page,…etc.
  • Each household can schedule collection for of them burnable items per week.
  • Prices for bulk item collection will depend on the item, its size and shape. Small/medium items will be capped at $25/per item, and large items such as sofas will be capped at $50/per item.

Televisions/ Appliances: These items cannot go in the trash and must be recycled properly. White goods refers to household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, ovens and microwaves…etc. PROGRAM STARTS OCTOBER 17, 2022

  • Televisions/Appliances will require payment and programming through Republic Services.
  • Schedule and pay for a pickup over the phone at 844-737-8254 through the Services of the Republic.
  • Collections will take place every Thursday.
  • Pricing for White Goods / TV Collection will vary by item, size and shape. Small/medium items will be capped at $25/per item, and large items will be capped at $50/per item.
  • MassSave provides free device pickup and recycling. Consider planning a collection with them. To learn more, visit:

Mattress recycling: In accordance with the MassDEP laws coming into force in November 2022, mattresses and box springs will become prohibited items for waste. This means they cannot be thrown away and must be recycled. Watertown partners with HandUp, a mattress recycler. Schedule a curbside pickup by phone (617-378-7619) or at Click the “Schedule City Pickup” button to register. OPT-IN, ACTIVE NOW. MANDATORY FROM OCTOBER 17, 2022.

  • Website for more
  • The City of Watertown has negotiated a price of $46 per mattress or box spring, separately.
  • Watertown will have curbside pickup at least one day per month, subject to increased pickups.
  • Mattresses left on the sidewalk that have not been scheduled for pickup with HandUp will be considered illegal dumping, which may result in a fine.
  • The Services of the Republic will no longer collect mattresses.
  • Please visit for more information and details on this program.

The City of Watertown offers a fixed price of $20/item for customers who meet certain criteria based on income. If you are a Watertown resident in an owner-occupied property and have a real estate exemption under Section 17D or Section 41C, you qualify for this fixed price. If you are a resident of Watertown and receive fuel assistance, you are eligible for this fixed price. Please email a letter of interest and appropriate fuel assistance or property exemption documentation to the Recycling Division at [email protected].

For questions and more information, please visit or email Watertown Recycling Coordinator Anya Pforzheimer at [email protected]

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